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  • Last Sunday we were touring in Wales, after a wet start of the day, we decided to turn around and set up camp again. After regaining some body warmth, the weather improved.

    The wife decided she would stay put for the day, I on the other hand went for a loop around the Cambrian Mountains. Cracking groad route, with the bit at the top of the Elan Valley being one of the highlights!

    More pictures and full route here.

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  • Proper stunning!

  • Set out at 9 sharp to try my first 100mile, came a cropper 25 miles out landing on my shoulder and elbow, limped home. Maybe next weekend.

  • there's always next weekend! First 100 seems like a biggie but once your over it - its all downhill from there. Mostly..

  • :)
    And yes, is rather windy

  • And cold! Did a lovely little ride round Derbyshire / Staffordshire borders but was very underdressed. Luckily I’m unfit enough to generate a fair bit of warmth on the (frequent) climbs.

  • Dang. Hope you didn't do much damage. Better luck next time.

  • I rode (some of) the western side of @giofox 's Cambridge off-road route out to my sister's near Letchworth yesterday and it was excellent. Thanks so much for having a lot of public routes - am going to complete the loop in parts.

    Some bits were a bit dicey on 36mm tyres post Friday's downpour, including a ford that had to be ridden through due to a tree falling on the pedestrian/bike bridge, but all totally doable and serene.

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  • No worries! Glad you enjoyed it!

    Come to this if keen tomorrow

  • I've got family plans - otherwise, I would have definitely come. Next time for sure.

  • getting absolutely fucked off with the weather this 'summer'. for the past 8 weeks up here (maybe longer? feels like forever) it's just been a constant blue/grey sky mix which makes it near impossible for dress for. one minute it can be scorching, the next it's bucketing and you're freezing. it wouldn't be so bad if it was just constant grey misery - at least you know what you're getting when you step out the door

    need to move to somewhere with a summer

  • Route + Conditions + Company made for one of the best rides of this summer yesterday!
    More photos and route here.

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  • I win.

  • Rode from Hackney to my Dad’s house just outside Bury St Edmunds on Saturday.

    Was supposed to be going with a mate but knee issues meant he had to hop in the the car & left me solo for the morning. It was 4 years to the day since we lost my Mum and spending a few hours with my thoughts on a perfect sunny day couldn’t have been nicer. Passed by a speciality beer shop in the ground floor of a house in the middle of nowhere at about 10am, screeched on the brakes and the owner opened up for me to have a look around and picked up a beer to stuff in my jersey for later. Stopped again at about half 11 in a field by Lavenham church to toast Mum, a friend that we lost in Afghanistan that we buried there & the mini ramp that we’d spent days on when I were a lad. 4 and a bit hours on my own that i feel like I’m going to remember

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  • Passed by a speciality beer shop in the ground floor of a house in the middle of nowhere

    You will, obviously, tell us where this was, no? :)

  • Looks and sounds like an awesome ride. The Big Hat to you.

  • Bankside Biers in Wethersfield ( Extremely friendly & the sole importer of a German brewery that I can’t remember the name of which looked to do a range of classic German styles. Picked up an Abbeydale NEIPA, a new brewery to me and really hit the spot

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  • Silly me, I've ridden past that countless times but didn't think of it. Thanks!

    There's a Früh sign in the window, which is Kölsch.

    I can't quite read the one to the left of the bay window, but I've seen it before. Something -bacher.

  • krombacher? both that and früh pretty widely available here. (früh is delicious ime). maybe kulmbacher

  • Dunno about that.. Great riding mate, well done!

  • I think it was the Monchshof that they’re importing. Would have picked more up but wasn’t travelling with a bag­f-helles

  • Finally put together my Downslink to Avenue Verte link ride that I've been trying to figure out for ages. It still needs some tinkering, but it was a great mix of off-road and quiet lanes, with some fast road sections to mix it up. 156km door to door.

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  • I rode the Pilgrim's way to Whitstable this morning and was completely alone in the lanes once I got past Sevenoaks for the most part. I just had the route on my to do list and thought sections were off road - they weren't! 38c was overkill.

    Lovely route still. There's one detour from the above where they've seemingly closed a right of way through Bradbourne House. I started to update the route but then saw the RGPS user has an updated one for every year since - great work.

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Tell us about your weekend ride

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