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  • Back on the Corniche in Lavaux. Amazingly pleasant conditions for mid-December in Vaud.

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  • Reminded myself why I never ride in Essex anymore. Every, and I really mean every, driver is a total and utter bellend

  • Copenhagen December

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  • Morning jaunt around the Peaks. Low cloud and climbing.

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  • One of my absolute favorite roads that.

  • Put together a random route and it was a cracker.

  • They all are round there. Even the crap roads feel epic!

  • Did a bit of a monster yesterday - partly not planned. I'd missed out on the Hard Day in January for family commitments, but wanted to get some hard miles in myself.

    Fancied some mud so took the 29er hardtail and decided to ride from Kingston to the Downs as off-road as possible. Plan was to mess around on Ranmore, Holmbury and Leith Hill and grab a train home when the legs gave up.

    Was going nicely if very muddily as I meandered my way out, exploring some random sections I'd never been down before. Was having fun and even found a couple of new trails around Ranmore, which I'd always suspected were about, but never actually located. I hadn't packed quite enough food so by the time I was spinning into Peaslake at around 1pm I was in dire need of 2 pork and leek latices a cheese straw and a fanta.

    Just as I was looking to curl up in the corner of the bus shelter to absorb the food I realised I was in fact bumping into some old but very good friends from my time as a seasonaire in France and Greece - I hardly had the ability to speak, but slowly the food reached my brain and a proper catch up could ensue.

    I rode with them for a while before needing to start heading off. At this point I checked the train situation and realised they were all borked by weekend closures. Fuck! With the light fading it was clear I needed to get a move on and just pedal back home. The climb up Ranmore from the south nearly finished me off, but then it was a case of just trying to route-one it back home. I favoured a bit more road action on the return as I couldn't face another bog fest, but still found some hidden trail near Oxshott common, which was nice.

    I was relived as I pedalled back into Ktown, with the sunset lighting up a fiery sky. Got home just before it got dangerously dark to find my misses had locked part of the door I didn't have a key for....

    Managed to jump the fence and lock my bike in the shed but was then faced with being stuck in the dark for an hour and half till she got home. I was about as muddy as it is possible to be, but instead, dusted myself down as good I could and staggered into the quite nice gastro pub at the end of the road. Apologised for my appearance and skulked in the corner with a pint and some nuts. 3 pints later I was pretty much asleep and needed to be pealed off the bench to stagger home to the nicest hot bath I can remember.

    All in all, a grand day out. 50 miles doesn't tell the whole story. I reckon you could add another 10 miles in wheel slip alone, not to mention the resistance training of some of the mud I ploughed through.

  • ^ good work. 15 miles in South Oxfordshire mud yesterday was plenty for me

  • Sounds pretty epic. I would have just collapsed at the train station and died when I realised all the trains were fucked.

  • I was out that way yesterday with @platypus - riding over Ranmore from Dorking to Peaslake and riding a few trails was enough. There was a puncture, a crash, and some poo. Classic.

  • It was a shame. I was at the top of Holmbury when I checked. Meant I had to miss out on Leith Hill, and possibly descending the new trail I'd found on Ranmore (though that needs to dry out a bit to be fast). Riding past the bus parked up at Effingham was effing annoying too.

  • Ha. No punctures here but I did manage a small crash off a slippy bridge. Only spotted horse poo, which I don't think counts.

  • Was the poo a result of the crash?

  • Alas, sadly not.

  • The turtle head showing in such situations is always best avoided.

  • Haha that's a very funny story!

  • ice and whatnot, now im missing a lot of the flesh that was once on my chin.

    It is now pasted somewhere on the floor in burnham near windsor

  • yeah was a bit unpleasant, dripped blood on someones shoe on the train home. Potentially the most awkward experience i've ever had... and im pretty awkward generally.

  • Did similar while (falling off) skateboarding. Amazing how much blood is in you chin.

  • Pre-weekend ride

    pic taken @ WW I German Zeppelin Base near Ghent. From this base Zeppelins took off to go bomb England...

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  • not my weekend ride, but today, they're battling the storm named Ciara near the sea at the Oosterschelde dam in Zeeland: the official Dutch Headwind Cycling Championships ;-) competitors have to ride the 8.5 km distance on a sit-upright town bike

  • Managed some nice up today. Weather in HK is perfect atm. 17c cool breaze but sunny.

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Tell us about your weekend ride

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