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  • March, Boston, Skegness, Grimsby, Hull

    Nice, I did something similar a couple of years ago (solo) but I found this section really quite grim. The weather wasn't in my favour. Wish I'd ridden in land really rather than Skegness. But I suppose it's a place you have to visit for yourself. Boston too was especially depressing.

    It looks like you had a nice time though :)

  • Haven't been around there for a long time,
    yes, there is a lot of space between towns in Lincolnshire.

  • Such a nice thing to do. More people should. Did a couple of relatively short rides on a weekend (2 x c.40 miles) with my eldest son a couple of years back. He left me behind on every single hill and I was as slow as, but we had a great time.

  • We did....and I insisted on Skegness for.....

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  • I learned all about what's been going on in my daughter's life and she shared plans and aspirations with me too. We used to do that in the car on the school run...then I lost touch...and now she grew up and I've caught up. It was easier driving a car but whatever it takes eh? 😀

  • Inspirational. Thanks for sharing!

    When did your daughter get into cycling?

  • She's 33 now... started at around 28. She fancied a triathlon. I persuaded her to ride single speed around London. She discovered cheap, quick London transport. Loved it. She sets goals. First tri. First 100k. First 100 miles. So a long one to Grandma's was the next goal. I was so impressed. Oh. She likes her grub too and cycling gives her a good excuse to tuck in! 😀

  • Spin around the Chilterns, couple of climbs, nothing fell off. Toe clips are a faff, need some flat shoes!


    Something did fall off.

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  • Finally, a long weekend ride. Four of our 'Paulaner' cafe racers' club on a pilgrimage from Tilburg to Muur van Geraardsbergen and back! 325km of cycling 'bliss'... Bit of a sore behind thanks to the Flemish road 'quality' and unfortunately one of the group had to call it quits 80k before home, but a very good day, all in all. Next year we're thinking of visiting Frank Vandenbroucke's grave in Ploegsteert, a bit further from home. More training and tougher arse/gooch required.

  • Going to miss these opportunities. Should have made more of them.

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  • Bit of Alps this weekend. The forum summer jersey didn’t serve me well after it started snowing halfway down the Galibier...

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  • that's beautiful! didn't look like snow on the way up... I know the feeling of getting caught in the weather in the high mountains, sometimes it feels silly packing arm sleeves and a jacket when it's bloody hot in the valley but you never know...

  • Absolutely no snow on the way up, the clouds started drawing in during coffee... then the parasols started flying and we started to whizz down the Lautaret in 50kmh winds + snow/hail. Quite fun in retrospect.

  • Isle of Purbeck is very lovely.

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  • Haha yes, that happened to me emerging from the north end of the Broad Walk in Regent's Park, at less than walking pace...failed to unclip and toppled over, causing consternation among peds and derision from passing roadies.

  • A visit to the statue of this site's founder, @Velocio /Paul de Vivie. I can't seem to post multiple photos any more!

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  • managed a big ride for me today up the biggest hill in HK, Tai Mo Shan. Its the biggest thing I've ridden up and it hurt alot but was so happy to have done it.
    nice info on the ride here, and the views can be great but it was low cloud thankfully so cooler temp wise but no views.­-mo-shan

  • Descending Ebbisham ‘ pothole’ lane took a right gravel lane climbing to the top. Never been there before, Epsom Downs is a bit special.

  • Faffing about yesterday and missing my buddies by 10min, to then slog through a miserable 2hrs by myself in 2 degrees and constant rain. The whole time my legs didn't show up, yet my knee somehow still manages to ache. Go figure. Can't wait for winter to be over.

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  • After giving up 18 miles into a ride on saturday because of the wind, yesterday was slightly better. Some nice roads out in oxfordshire.

  • Today was a good day. Pathfinder ride around Eindhoven:

  • When we rode up the Col de Sanetsch today there was a road. After a fondue at the restaurant at the top, and a very brief but heavy thunderstorm, it had disappeared.

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  • Walking was the order of the day with 25mm tyres.

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Tell us about your weekend ride

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