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  • So yesterday I left Scarborough for Houghton-le-Spring via Whitby, Guisborough, Middlesborough and Hartlepool. The cinder track out of Scarborough, the old Railway line to Whitby via Ravenscar, revealed the first surprise if the day, Robin Hoods Bay. Epic views around the cliffs over the N Sea in the bright morning sun. I fropped into Whitby for breakfast at Wetherspoons on the quayside and the set off for the climb onto the N Yorkshire moors. Tbh I got 2/3 of the way up and was knackered: surely my tyre pressures had dropped? So on a grassy corner of a junction I lay the bike down, then I lay down, and the next thing I know I'm woken from slumber by a voice shouting 'are you alright, excuse me!!!'. To the lady standing at her front door in her dressing gown I suppose I did look like an accident victim. I crossed the road to speak, we laughed, I filled my water bottle and set off again with a wave from the dressing gown lady at her front door. Odd scene! The moors were beautiful. I guess the combination of the previous day's relentless northerly headwind, ss, a huge breakfast and frankly a looooong incline did for me.

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  • Worthy of mention is the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge. It's bloody nuts. Simple and beautiful. A cradle on cables carrying passengers and vehicles over the R Tees. Great British Victorian design and construction.

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  • Crossing a chilly Tyne on the Shields Ferry

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  • great work, love the falling asleep outside the old dears house :) keep the updates coming, safe riding

  • Made it. To Berwick. Knackered and later than planned. I rode some coastal path miles today which are fabulous but slow. Nevertheless I'd recommend NCN route 1 from Tynemouth going North. It's well signposted too. But I lost a lot of time. Not that it matters. It's lovely to notice the changing local accents as I go north. Soft Scottish now. Softer skies too. Softer water. Scots. Bunch of softies!

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  • That is the same section I found heavy going!! Also the bit a little before (for you) with numerous hills to avoid about 5 miles of flat a1

  • Knackered beauty

  • Glorious arrival at the wet again. And a northerly.... again. Just can't rely on the 24 hour forecast. That's NCN ROUTE 1 btw in the picture showing its darker side. No worries. I'm a couple of hours from Edinburgh, a change of pace, a change of clothes, someone to talk to and a few beers and nips. One more post on this to come.

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  • Well rode @MetalMelly! Am just back from a really nice 40ml Chilterns loop. Nothing by comparison but was nice all the same. Windy but no rain :-)

  • No bike ride for my 30th today, instead passenger in a 4x4 up a mountain in Abruzzo.

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  • Ma che fai? In macchina? Sempre una bicicletta....
    Boun compleanno.

  • Have some #rep. I've enjoyed the ride updates a lot.

  • Thanks! Yea could have done with it but even a fatbike would struggle going up the rocks.

  • Made it today. But not without incident. In an ill-conceived effort to quicken the journey I joined the A1. At Dunbar only to be pulled over by police. Apparently cycling on the A1 bypass is illegal. Anyway I was escorted off...not by a police car with blue lights flashing but a walking officer in hi-viz. Tad embarrassing if I'm honest. Anyway no harm done. I'm here. Is it a first? Single speed London to Edinburgh by a 61 year old dad with a cardiac pacemaker and screwed together pelvis? Sod it. I'm claiming it. Thanks for following. Mel

  • Nice work Mel. Enjoy Edinburgh.

  • Thanks for the enjoyable reports!

  • Just had a look. Cycling is banned from the A199/B6370 roundabout westwards. East of there you should have been OK, as there's no signage. Did you join at the Spott Road roundabout or at the A199/B6370 roundabout?

  • I just did 45 pathetic Kms, and I was done. I have singed up for a 160k ride around Lake Taupo in mid November. How the hell am I going to manage that???

  • Such good. Much win.

  • You have youth on your side. My lad left me at every. Single. Climb. Yesterday. He only got into road cycling this summer.

  • Have I? Doesn't feel like it, 40 is approaching fast now. I really need to pour myself a glass of HTFU and train well in those 12 weeks or so I have got left :/

  • I'm now past 50! From where I'm looking you are :-)

  • Best of luck, mind. It sounds rather good.

  • Well done Mel, really enjoyed your updates.

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Tell us about your weekend ride

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