The wave of new London bike shops

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  • Cheers all. Went with London Cycle Workshop. They did a good job and was ready to be picked up in a few hours.

  • Awesome. David (if still there) and crew are awesome.

  • Its possible to generate those kind of numbers, but requires some serious focus, something I would guess most of us in the bike industry don't really have, hence why we are in this game.

    If their metric's are being calculated/looked at by someone not in the bike industry they'll see the bad days/weeks/months and then start worrying and cutting staffing/wages, not realizing its pretty damn normal to be all over the place, not the kind of industry for reliable/consistent revenue generation, its properly swings and roundabouts.

    My best month for the last 5 years has been a totally different month in a different quarter each year. Only logic I can apply is its when the highest number of "all season commuters " bring all their rusty scrap in it and it needs everything replaced instantly money no object kind of a job, 50x of them back to back.

  • Workshop should be able to return a consistent performance, the issues largely is supply issues due to not being in the EU (and staff, most of them were European and forced out by the Tory).

    You’d need to raise the labour cost a bit, turn in at least 5k in labour alone/weeks, doable but like you said, need a lots of focus.

    Be nice for bike shop not to pay VAT etc. on account of actually helping to fight climate changes

  • In terms of labour yes, but parts and margins not so much. Worked for one large company that basically suggested unless we push the junk parts with the highest margins (because they are junk, £0.50p brake pads being put on folks bills for £6-7 a time, and the fact they are junk so just dissolve within 50 miles) to keep the parts margins super high for every single week of the year, we are all out of a job, as for some reason parts was a key metric for them.

    Fact I didn't stay working for them long, and the several that followed me stayed even shorter amount of time might have been the hint they were cunts, but to this day they still do it, and somehow still have a good rep bizarrely.

  • Huge exodus of European mates has been insane the last few years, pretty much the last of the last of them have left this year.

    Been to a few touristy parts of the UK the last month, and every single town/village/tourist trap location is absolutely on its knee's, operating on less than minimum staffing, or just full on closed down, as the remaining staff could just not operate the business (cafe/pub/hotel/b+b/attractions) on their own without pushing them over the edge. Various reasons , but the exodus of good workers has been a large part of it.

    Most tourists can't understand it and try to blame everyone but themselves (for voting tory over and over again), but then most of them look quite gammon so probably a waste of time trying to argue with them.

  • Brexit red tape too on supplies and bikes.

    Bike for a customer was shipped from Germany on the 19th last month, arrived at UK port on 21st, only released last Thursday!

  • Thats actually quite fast. Last year the piss was taken so much, by our own customs persons! 10 weeks was the longest that I can prove they fucked me over by.

  • Just about, a couple of days more and the customer would have cancelled!

  • Right, I was slightly surprised to see that my shop hasn't been mentioned. We opened up Butternut Bikes in a pub in the middle of the pandemic and are cracking along nicely here in Crouch End. The story here sums it all up pretty well -­ic-and-energetic-butternut-bikes-on-its-­north-london-store/

    “It’s pleasantly chaotic and energetic” :)

    As for Fettle, they were saying only a few months ago that they wanted to open 90 stores. Mind, they also say that they have special super secret booking software, but it's just HubTiger, the same as we use. They are basically funded by JustPark so get free/cheap locations. Like so much in the bike industry these days, funded by venture capital.

  • they wanted to open 90 stores.

    Went for an interview in November, they’re saying they want to explain outside London like Sheffield (I originally planned to move there).

    Didn’t get the job fortunately.

  • This one in West Hampstead appears to be a newcomer, and is focused on service:

  • Another one, in Belsize Park, that I noticed on Sunday:

  • Some aspects of servicing are questionable.
    On middle service they only true wheels laterally.

    On the extra bling service they do it for roundness!
    I’m sorry but that’s just wrong. You either true the wheel or you don’t.

    Pay more to get a ‘really’ true wheel?

  • Not clear whom you refer to here. I mention these new bike shops only because I have noticed them in passing — no idea of the quality of their workmanship.

  • Imagine having to try explain that to a customer…

  • I have used the Belsize Park shop regularly for a few years now and are very good. In fact they sorted out a problem with my bike that another shop failed on ( no names ). Funny enough taking my condor potenza single speed bike in for service tomorrow as chains gone a bit slack Alice !

  • Crank doctors. Just had a look through their servicing structure.

  • If you tap on "in reply to" it jumps to the post that's being replied to

  • That’s a very sus first post and join on the same time, are you the owner of said bike shop?

  • He literally says "my shop" in his first sentence, ed.

  • Different poster/shop they were replying to no?

  • Oh, yeah, oops.

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The wave of new London bike shops

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