For Sale: x-box 360

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  • For sale

    Xbox 360 with 3 games with box and cables (1080 i leads) all boxed up, well looked after and in excellent condition around a year or so old

    Call of duty modern warfare 2
    Gears of war (1st one)
    Bullet Witch

    2 controllers
    1 memory card
    1 Headset

    Plus 8 months on my live account if people are wanting to have that as well at no extra charge

    for a total of £110 if anybody's interested, otherwise it will go on ebay (without the live account obviously)

  • Is it the HDMI version?

  • nah its not the hdmi version, it has both outputs so you dont have to have a hd tv, you can run through analogue and scart if you want to

  • that is one heck of a bargain

  • i know, i got a ps3 given to me by my mum the other day so i can offload my xbox and dvd player sick of all the wires

  • ah, i see you have moved to the dark side. ps3 :(

  • lol yeah, only for the all in one feature ;) i actually like the online thing better on the xbox but the ps3 has a hd upscaler, bluray player etc etc and like i said, im sick of the wires, cant play both at the same time and am saving for another frame to build up, no particular one but i will mooch around as soon as i have the money together :)

  • okay, yeah i see what you mean. i do prefer xbox live, but its probably only better than psn becuase you actually have to pay for it. hense you get youre moneys worth :)

  • graphics seem to be better on the ps3 as well, but yeah the free online gaming is free so.......

  • Dibbles!

  • pm'd you back dude

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For Sale: x-box 360

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