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  • Crisp adjacent­an/27/japans-favourite-snack-falls-victi­m-to-global-inflation-with-first-ever-pr­ice-hike

    The cylindrical snacks, wrapped in aluminium film, come in more than a dozen flavours, many based on Japanese food, such as spicy cod roe and takoyaki octopus balls, with cream of corn soup the biggest seller.


  • Waves from Edinburgh

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  • Lorne? WTF? Its square, never ever Lorne, Jesus Christ.

    Also brown sauce. Not a fucking chance hot pants. It's red every.single.time.

  • I find Mackies way too dry

  • These are pretty banging, veegz and compostable packaging too.

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  • More like a BBQ flavour really. Smoked Chipotle Chilli Jam

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  • Magnifico

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  • Both these are good.

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  • Veegness on the last few entries please.

  • Fuck knows as packet gone but unlikely on the pizza ones, peri peri possibly?

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  • They certainly look vegan and look tasty.

  • These when we arrived at our destination.. in Barbados okay not a crisp but the best unforeseen welcome

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  • M&S Habanero tortilla.

    Hot enough to punish when you eat too many at once.

  • Spain continues to not fuck about; I had the Jamon Iberico version from this Gourmet range but truffle crisps oh my.

    In more down to earth crisp news Sainsburys own brand cheese and onion are indistinguishable from Walkers.

  • Fucking glad I needed socks, thank you TKMAXX.

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  • Fried eggs are amazing btw, got so excited when I saw the jamons, then full of disappointment when there were no eggs, then got to the till and got an eggy surprise, best day off I've had in a while.

  • All this eggy crisp talk has sent me on a mission to Deptford to buy some salted egg crisps. Incredible things.

  • Enjoyed these

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  • Rated new edition from the Italians:

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  • Not as good as Snyders, but can't get them in the UK anymore it seems 😑

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  • All this eggy crisp talk has sent me on a mission to Deptford to buy some salted egg crisps.
    Incredible things.

    Spotted today in Wing Yip Cricklewood.

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  • If I wasn't 800 miles away I'd be there with a van by now.

    Might have to pop into See Woo in Greenwich when I'm back in September. Haven't tried to buy some for a while...maybe supply has improved!

  • Can get Snyders in some places, but not the buffalo ones inexplicably. This range has buffalo/blue, bacon and cheddar, and cinnamon brown sugar. All of them are like crack.

  • Yes

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