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  • Disagree - chicken twisties all the way.
    I don't usually like chicken chips but.

  • Mr Walker has dropped the chicken powder from his chicken crisps over the last few years, which is good news for the vegan gourmand.

  • Agree, it’s got to be chicken twisties !

  • Cheese Twisties are the best... I miss NikNaks, these are close!

  • No. This is not up for debate, you weirdo. :P

    You're free to dictate NikNak flavour ratings though :)

  • Not a fan of the flavoured ones, regular salted are good but imo the Argente ones are as good if not better at half price.

    As a vegetarian I love a jamon crisp…

  • They're great but the first time I had them I ate way too many and made myself feel a bit ill. I've not been able to enjoy them as much since! The Tyrrell's truffle crisps are good as well, nowhere near as intense a flavour though.

  • Is that the one that has a cheese counter and a farm shop?

    Late reply fail, but: no, you are thinking of Tebay services.

  • Got some of these today. Not sure how I feel about them. Very sweet, then a bit of heat. Will bosh the bag anyway

  • Tesco have roast beef/horseradish for christmas: hitting the desired levels of ‘feel it in your nose’ burn.

  • roast beef/horseradish

    I try to avoid Tesco but for research purposes I'm all in next time I pass by.

    Coop Pigs in Blankets flavour aren't bad, plus the ever tasty Roast Potato flavour are back in town too.

  • These are pretty good. Not veggie though I'm afraid.

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  • I want to find some of these.

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  • I've seen those somewhere round here. Will keep an eye out.

  • Barbakan is my local Mackies dealer, worth a look.

  • All three flavours in stock at Stretford Foodhall. Festive popcorn too. Boxing day curry is a winner.

  • I'm rarely over there but might make a trip.

  • Top tip ta!

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  • Might have to take a little trip to Stretford.

  • I want crisps.
    My nearest crisp vendor out here in the shires is a good mile away.
    I’m sat at home with a pulled hamstring.
    My life.

  • Got any potatoes, oil and salt?

  • Make my own Hamstrung and Messedup flavour?

  • sounds alright!

  • Mackies Haggis & Black Pepper are grazeable. "Vegan friendly" 'cos the Haggis Flavour is Yeast Extract.

    Fwiw the Boxing Day Curry, although tasty, are just curry powdered crisps. To be true to name there needs to be traces of Turkey, Sprouts, Sage n Onion, Gravy, Bread Sauce & Cranberry.

    Would eat again, but there's an open goal for the crisp industry there.

  • Mackies Turkey & Stuffing a bit like the curry, very flavour powder.

    These look amazing. Not sure why I've not opened them yet.

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