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  • These are fuck lush

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  • Yeah!

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  • Oof. From where?

  • Holland and Barratt, ocado, or local food co-op

  • Erm...

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  • Made of dead bikers?
    Or free range hand reared bikers?
    Gravel. Groad. Fix’d. 26? 29?
    We need to be told…

  • Dead Bikers I think. I found a hair in them.

    Odd flavour, ate the full bag to save me having to taste them again tomorrow. #nowaste

  • reaches
    As in that gag reflex. Not the grab for a bag.

  • These. Also had prawn cocktail quavers earlier. For shame.

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  • Ooh, they look good.

  • Made some homemade crisps from a few of our allotment spuds at the weekend. Smoked paprika for the adults, bit of salt for the kids.

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  • Ooof, that is next level crisp work

  • Thanks. They were great but I feel I could improve the process a lot. Tempted to buy a extra wide peeler to take my crisp game to the next level.

  • How do you cut potatoes into very thin slices?

  • With a mandolin I'd assume.

  • Smashed a bag of these with a couple of helles beers at the weekend. They remind me of crisps you have on holiday

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  • Pomsticks are amazing. Completely fuelled a cycling tour of the Baltics a couple of years ago.

  • Used a bog standard potato peeler and when the spuds got too big for it, a knife.

    The peeler-thin crisps were definitely the best.

  • I can still taste them. Even after coffee.

  • These are good!

  • I love that branding!

  • I was a little disappointed in these - might just be that they cost like £4 for a bag!

  • Anybody else getting stuck in to the new varieties of Cheddars?
    Red Leicester is one but I just can’t get enough of the Dragons Breath Chilli. Not so easy to find though. They only seem to be available in multipacks and the chilli flavour are pretty elusive so I, erm, stock up if I see them.

  • I can’t really get them here but when I’m Spain I used to look out for them, nice to get them after 3 years of abstinence. We’re getting these for some of our business units with branding as amenities. Id say it’s a good crisp. Retail the 500g tins go for a bit more than that. Golf club territory I guess..

    My go to at home remains this combo:

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  • These are amazing.

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