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  • Do egg flavour crisps actually contain egg? Are they vegan? It always amuses me that Smoky Bacon Pringles are vegan, but Salt and Vinegar aren't.

  • I’m vegan ( yes we always say 😂) and never liked the taste of eggs. Another one is Sensations Sweet Chilli which contain milk.
    These lemon n pimento are lush. I was addicted, having a bag a day, and they’re big bags. The sell by date is always within a month so always fresh.

  • Have you tried the new Sheese Kettle Chips? They're no Tayto cheese and onion (the all-time best and I'll fight anyone who says different), but they're a pretty damn decent approximation of C&O flavour.

    I loved eggs, and would gladly try an eggy crisp if they were accidentally vegan.

  • Happy to confirm that Co-Op have hit the ball out of the park again with their katsu flavour crisps

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  • Yes they are vegan, but it’s still a no for me.

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  • I’ll check these Sheese next time I venture out. Cheers for the tip.

  • OMG those Co Op Katsu Curry crisps are off the scale good! Who posted about those?!

  • These “Gujarati mix” come very highly recommend. Like a milder, more complex version of their better known cousin Bombay mix.

    Perfect with a little drink in sun. Mind you, also addictive as fuck so be careful

    I found them in world food aisle in sainos, but have also seen fleetingly in smaller Tesco metro

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  • The cornflake mix is also weird but good and the Chakri!

  • Me and at least one other did. I can't find them in my local now :(

  • Amazing! I can't stop!

  • 2 for £2 now!

  • Shit off! In!

  • Co-Op crisps are hands down the GOAT.

    Their salt & vinegar are lip-smacking and the katsu flavour are impeccable. They had a roast potato flavour late last year which sounds ridiculous but was off the chart good. I might start a Change petition to bring those back.

  • roast potato flavour

    Yes, fucking amazing they were too. I reckon they'll be out each Xmas as a special seasonal jobby.

  • Coop need to take the milk powder out of their posh salt and vinegar crisps. I want to eat them 😭

  • Tough times, hopefully they come good on that eventually! Talking of vegan-friendly crisps I did spot the below which a friend said were good

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  • Cheese and onion crisps are the devil's work but I'm happy the option exists for people who eat them. 😆

  • Very late to this. Are you on about the Irvin’s?

    First time I was sold on them, then I had it salted egg mayo on chips and it has ruined salted egg flavour forever.

  • These are absolute boss imho. Olive oil and extra crunchy, with a splash of espinaler sauce. Once @hippy makes it over there he’ll be able to vouch for it.

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  • I love crisps. Any crisps. I put it down to being a kid and sitting outside pubs in the sun with my Dad, happy with a bottle of Vimto and a straw and a packet of ready salted, or sometimes if I was lucky a bag of Horror Bags Bones!

  • Horror Bags Bones

    Oh, man, they were good!! So spicy!!

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  • A shortage on the cards as the Walkers factory in Leicester becomes one of the COVID hotspots?

  • So spicy!!

    Ridiculous weren't they?! Skin off roof of mouth in seconds!

  • These are pretty good, I'm eating quite a lot of them.

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