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  • Yes!

  • Erm...

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  • Snyder's Pretzel Pieces, honey mustard and onion.
    Not my best, Jalapeno ones still win for me
    Not managed to track down the Buffalo ones yet.

  • ^ Buffalo ones are good. Have you tried the sweet and salt ones?

  • Not yet, I saw them in a local Spar type place, but was only there for the post office
    Will go back one day and grab them.

    I really need to back to the States...

  • These are good. Very good.

    Not as good as buffalo though.

  • Buffalo are the best Snyders. The keep disappearing from the UK tho. Must have some weird ingredients in or something.

  • Have you tried the sweet and salt ones?

    I got addicted to these in the states and then found them over here. Bought a 10 pack off eBay and demolished them in a shamefully short period of time. Went cold turkey for a while but found some in a local co-op and briefly fell off the wagon. Been clean for a while now, good for those than can handle them but not for me.

  • Snyders Buffalo big bags available on evil Amazon..

  • When I worked the night shift in a petrol station in Belfast during University around 2000/2001, these were my staple meal break, every night. Well, not the Tesco brand.


  • Yessssss.

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  • Pretzel thread >>>>>>>>>>>

    @Brave will be having fifty fits.

  • I did not start the Snyder's chat. Brave knows I rate salt and vinegar crisps, we cool. 😆

  • these can FTFO..

  • This is true.. But... these are an abomination!

  • Ha, they are not crisps. But they are a great snack.

  • all of the Snyders flavours are totally boss

  • I'll allow that..

  • Agree on the Snyders, I was slightly addicted to the Jalapeno ones a while back. They are awesome but full of MSG, so I avoid now.

  • Nowt wrong with msg, it’s the deep frying and salt that’ll do you in. Anyway, who remembers discos flavour bombs? The salt and vinegar ones where the peak of chemical stripping goodness. Nothing has come close since.

  • Spot on. The beef Discos were underrated too. Space Raiders are also up there for “what the hell just happened to my mouth?”. And all for 5p.

  • white dog poo thread >>>> &c &c

  • I used to put two or three in one pack. Killed my tongue but so worth it. I'd love it if they brought flavour bombs back.

  • Had some s/v Discos yesterday. Same painful over-flavouring, but thinner crisp > an evening of Gaviscon (it’s a younger man’s game, this).

  • These are ace.

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