• Such a shame. Ditto on some good memories.

  • Love my keep cup, still going strong after 10 years. I would like to get a t-shirt from their website but every time I go to pay I get a message that says ‘This store isn’t taking orders right now’. Have even online sales finished?

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  • Oh man really? I guess it had to happen eventually and with lockdowns, ongoing work from home and energy prices going up it's been the end of thousands of independent businesses.
    I only worked there for a few years when I was 21-23 but it was very formative and I'm thankful for all the people I met and experiences I had.

  • This is shocking and very sad news. I started using the workshop during lockdown for maintenance of my bikes. and since lockdown have tried to have lunch there at least once a week. Just had two bikes fixed and serviced.

    Working from home, LMNH has been a lifesaver. Somewhere to pop out to rather than sit in the house. A quick burst of exercise and some "fresh" air there and back and always a friendly welcome and a chat as well as decent food and good green tea.

  • The laptop crowd would generally just buy the one coffee and fill bench space

    I can totally imagine that over time this will really depress business. Want a table to eat at? sorry loads of twats are nursing one measly chai latte while they do stuff on a lappy … alll … dayyyy

    A very good coffee shop near me got rid of their wifi years ago. Smart move.

  • … alll … dayyyy


  • I thought they had rules on laptop working? Quite common for cafes, and totally understandable (despite being someone who enjoys a bit of peripatetic working I also understand the need for paying the rent).

  • oh this makes me sad.

  • Will be missed terribly.

  • Irreplaceable. Will be missed.

  • Sad news, but also a huge success story. 13 years is a long time and they made a big impact.

  • Spot on.
    This is terrible news. Great memories, great times...

  • So so sad to hear the news today, I made so many friends here!

  • Very sad, as Cliveo said - it was a lifesaver at times during the pandemic. I’ll miss the cake stop on the way around the cobblemonster course.

  • A sad announcement. it’s been a while since I was there but have many fond memories. Wish them well with future ventures.

  • A lot of memories of pre-work coffees (served by @Sumo or @mmccarthy (the latter with a side order of a terrible, terrible joke)), after work drinks, bike repairs, stopping off before/mid ride, chats with friends, making new friends... The last two times I've been in London I met up with the lovely @cliveo there and it was like stepping back into a happy part of my london life. I'll miss LMNH.

  • Damn shame. I have many memories, from getting a free case of beer for a photo wearing my "Regarde Maman, sans les mains!" T shirt in front of the Eiffel Tower, or arriving at 2pm on a coach full of sleeping people after Dunwich, to meeting Gary Kemp and Eddy Merckx there in 2012.

  • How can people sit in a cafe for three hours with one coffee and have a clear conscience.

    Surely they know they’re killing these businesses?

  • how can people only drink one coffee in three hours...

    shame to hear the news. I'm far from there now so couldn't say when I would have next visited but were I making plans to meet someone in london that would have been top of my list for a venue still.

    I just worry that lots of unskilled cyclists with underinflated tyres will have to roll to work on their rims now without the use of the hardest working track pump in London.

  • That's a damn shame, spent a good few years there and met a load of great folks as a result. Hopefully they'll be able to get back on their feet in some form. Can imagine the footfall has dropped dramatically in that area over the past few years.

  • Can imagine the footfall has dropped dramatically in that area over the past few years.

    That was their main complaint post lockdown. Their costs had risen but the local drop ins were down considerably, both in the cafe and the workshop as so many people from that area were working mainly from home. Mondays and Fridays, in particular, were very quiet.

  • I am at a loss. I need a new lunch venue.

  • Memories of Friday evenings many many summers ago

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LMNH: "Look mum, no hands!" - Cycle café/bar/workshop on Old Street

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