• A weapon equivalent to @goldsword ?

  • Noticed LMNH appearing as a backdrop for an interview on BBC Fours visual think piece The Hipster Handbook the other night. Shark jumping?

  • Is LMNH gone bust?

  • Phone call earlier got automated opening times message.

  • Just saw them on the new GoDaddy TV ad this week so thought they were back on the up 🤞

  • dont think so. sign on the door this morning sayin essential maintenance and there was a ladder up inside.

  • Sounds like water or electrics then.

  • Employees told today it's ending, reportedly.

  • This was my worry, after the pandemic there is less fewer people around old street compared to the good old days.

    Looks like they’re sell stuff in the workshop too :(

  • I really hope this isn't true, it's a wonderful place it would be very sad if it shut.

  • I heard this yesterday morning..

  • Admittedly haven't been there for years but had some good social evenings there with LFGSS back in the day, and watching the final stages of various Tours.

  • That is sad if true, I remember starting The Great Escape 200km Audax from LMNH. A really great, central place to start and get set up for the ride with good coffee and food.

  • That is really bad news, I would use the place if i got into Central early, sit and ponder while sipping a latte and a slice of cake.
    Such a relaxed vibe. If true would sadly missed.

  • Really like the place, but haven't been there in ages. Perhaps that is the story?

  • I felt over the years they focused less on the grubby cyclists and more on the hipsters and yuppies - whether this was strategy or just happened as a matter of course I don’t know.

    I do pop in when I’m in London so will be a shame to see it go.

  • It's always seemed pretty busy when I've been in, mostly people on laptops and business lunches. Always liked watching the classics there in the outdoor seating.

  • LMNH cafe, has been such a great place for me, lunches, catch up with friends, pit stops for cobblemonster, weekend stop offs, merch, bike services, parts, book donations.. gutted if true.

    End of an era :(((

  • How much were they spending is the real question? There are some cafes renting out seating for this very reason.

  • Truth is after pandemic there was never the level of footfall that was needed to keep the place going. That end of old street became a ghost town. The owners were doing their best to keep it going but it was an uphill struggle. Problem is that most of the cyclists that used to stop by in numbers joined the rapha cult which itself is now part of a multinational beast. Socially The cycling club is now becoming an alternative to golf where displaying the most expensive kit and posing is becoming the norm. These guys were independent just trying to make something out of their passion for cycling with an element of fun and did tons for the community over the last decade. They provided a space when none hardly existed. They pushed for inclusion when no one else did. They helped showcase the independent and small frame builders and other self supported guys within the industry. The characters who were behind their marketing and social media had to be let go as they were just making ends meet. But nearly everyone who worked there had a passion for cycling and that showed. Many of their ex-employees went on to do great things in both the cycling and coffee industry. There was none of this corporate bullshit masquerading as independent in order to be hip and take people's cash to soulless shareholders .
    The laptop crowd would generally just buy the one coffee and fill bench space so whilst the place appeared to be making money it wasn't. The workshop was the only thing that was keeping the place on its feet. There seems to be a lot of fallout from the pandemic that is sadly taking out most of the little guys in the cycle Industry. I spent a decade being a loyal customer because they are a great bunch of guys who I call friends. I'd rather spend my hard earned cash with them rather than see yet another corporate and heartless company take it. I've had many memorable times there. It's sad to see it go - I just hope someone else can step up.

  • Echoing the bad news. I'll treasure my LMNH banana badge.

  • Good luck to everyone there. Ill miss it

  • Hit on the Merch, whilest you can ? It's all SALE now.

  • That's sad. A shame to see them go and to echo above sentiments, I wish them all the best. All staff were super friendly and social.

    I don't know if any of you have seen the godaddy advert at the moment featuring lmnh as a 'new' business that is booming (there own words) due to using their website tools. Just thought I'd mention it. No real thoughts on it other than godaddy using them rather than an actual new business to show their product.

    Edit: missed the post about it above

  • Sad to hear its closing. Many fond memories there. End of an era.

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LMNH: "Look mum, no hands!" - Cycle café/bar/workshop on Old Street

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