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  • "I heard a noise" is hardly a smoking gun.

  • Would explain Lachlan Morton’s ride though.

  • "three separate riders at the Tour had heard noises they had never heard before coming from bikes involving four teams at the race. "

    Sram front derailleurs shifting correctly?

  • A strange metallic noise, like a badly adjusted chain. I've never heard that anywhere

    Oh to have a mechanic adjust your bike before every ride

  • And this quote from Blessing Okagbare (the suspended athlete) last week when 10 athletes from Nigeria were declared ineligible due to testing irregularities…
    She posted on social media: "The sport system in Nigeria is so flawed and we athletes, are always at the receiving end of the damages.

    "They were busy fighting over power, exercising their pride over puma contract/ kits forgetting their major responsibility "THE ATHLETES". It's sad that this cycle keeps repeating itself and some people will come out to say I am arrogant for speaking my truth. It is my career."

    Oh dear

  • That will be 11 then

  • ‘They were too busy chasing sponsorships to stop me shooting HGH.’

    Seems legit.

  • At least the IOC appear to be doing something for a change. Who did she beat in 2008 though? Time for a sample re-test?

  • Katie Fuckin’ Compton 4 years for anabolic steroids. She’s had the same jawline as Lebron for years LOL= I’m not massively surprised.

    Her own statement adds detail that they did the CIR test after a biopasspart irregularity­-compton-accepts-doping-sanction/

  • Given there's barely any money in women's cyclocross, especially during the early years of Compton's career, it'd surprise me enormously if she's been on the juice for years. Her statement is worth a read, basically she has no idea how the substance detected got there and can't afford to pursue it.

    It's a real shame, a terrible way for a great career to end.

  • she has no idea how the substance detected got there

    Nobody ever has

  • Quite.

    I've no idea if she's doped or not, but she's been unequivocal in her stance on doping in the past and it surprised me.

  • Many people have.

  • she's been unequivocal in her stance on doping in the past and it surprised me.

  • no shit theres no money in CX

    who does steroids ??!? so old school

  • People without the money for good stuff?

  • if only she had retired early

  • The Compton one is odd. Apparently the initial sample came back clean, and was then re-tested following 'irregularities' in her biological passport. And if she's done AAS, then surely any basic test would find that? It therefore seems weird that the A sample was clean... Bit of a head-scratcher.

    But I'm pleased that my cynical belief that pretty much everyone at the top level of elite sport is doing/has done something dubious is reaffirmed.

  • Standard anti-doping tests look for different things than the CIR; if you were microdosing synthetic testosterone overnight you could pass a Testosterone/Epitestosterone ratio test in the morning which is looking for evidence of a change in your physiological response to a stimulant as your levels can drop back to normal very quickly.

    CIR tests looks for the product itself which is a different ask, and is used to look at presence of any synthetic testosterone or steroids.

    See also the Tom Danielson positive

  • Pretty OK money in women's CX now though. Maybe she wanted a last bit of the pie?

    who does steroids ??!? so old school

    Hench cyclist in steroid shocker....

  • Interesting. So the sample was presumably routine tested then later CIR tested following the bio-passport anomaly?

  • I'd like to think she did it in order to hang on in the last few years but the earlier stuff was all clean but I guess we'll never know.

    Seems like a dumb way to destroy her legacy

  • Yep, a targetted re-test of a specific sample.

    Biopassport tracks blood and steroid values to create a baseline so there must a have been a spike that made them break out the CIR.­rt/anti-doping/the-athlete-biological-pa­ssport

    "The passport for each rider contains the results of individual urine and blood tests, a haematological profile consisting of the combined results of haematological parameters analysed in a series of blood samples, and a steroid longitudinal profile consisting of the combined results of steroid levels in a series of urine samples. By tracking these parameters consistently through a rider’s career, it is possible to establish the haematological/steroid profile of a rider in order to establish his/her “normal” levels and thus emphasize possible variations."

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