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  • Was in the running shoe shop the other week and this mid 50's middle manager with a busy schedule came in to try them on. You know the high achieving kind that forget they have a family and instead go all-in on triathlons.

    Anyway, he was very open-minded about what shoes to get next as long as it was these ones. Could he please try them on to just to verify his online research was correct?

  • Women's 10k record has been broken twice in 2 days by people in the cheat spikes. Both on the same track in dope-free Ethiopia.

  • wow thats amazing i didnt know you could be back to it so quick. I thought they had some wolverine style superhuman healing stuff in the back of the bus somewhere.

  • More creative excuses from US athletes, although it’s not unique and nowhere near as creative as Tyler Hamilton’s vanishing twin:­0597.amp

  • Naughty Burrito..

    Shelby Houlihan: American middle distance runner blames burrito for positive test­480597

  • I believed her up to:

    Houlihan, the US record holder in the 1500m and 5,000m, said she had "never even heard" of nandrolone, which can help to increase muscle mass.

  • Her coach didn't know what it was either... Even more intresting is that he has only learnt about anti doping tests. You'd think that he would know a bit more about them.­yhs

  • Also need to understand if @Hamham has a conflict of interest in posting about a doped pork burrito...

  • I refer you to Contador's Steak

  • "I want to be very clear. I have never taken any performance enhancing substances."

    except for the one that was found all up inside me...

  • "eating pork can lead to a false positive for nandrolone"

    Except it wasn't a false positive for nandralone, it was nandralone.

  • They're both fucking cheats. GTFO >>>

  • *No idea how nadronlone is administered.

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  • I can confirm I have taken offence that one of my byproducts is being used as a scapegoat.

  • If your defence is that there are pharmaceuticals in meat, then at this point that is such common knowledge that it's not even a defence unless you have proactively recorded the due diligence you did on the source of your food. Picking up a burrito from a Mexican food truck is basically the same as buying OTC medicine in a foreign country and assuming the formulation is the same as your domestic version.

  • That's the stupidity part.

    But both of them saying they've never heard of nandralone is the clearly lying part which basically confirms to me they're cheats.


    If this is the paper they are using for supporting their excuse, they haven't read it properly. It talks about hours before/later, not days.
    *Falling down the PubMed rabbithole, she'd have to have eaten a hell of a lot of pork.

  • This is always the problem with the tainted food defence. To record enough of a level of a banned substance to get caught you’d have to eat a huge amount of tainted meat. Like beyond Bodean levels of meat consumption.

  • It's almost like their cover story for cheating isn't very good...

  • Can you imagine how much tainted beer @hippy would have to drink to record a positive test?

    Although it may explain the headlong plunge into that canal years back…

  • She'd have had to eat a whole pig - she's a middle-distance runner, not an ultra-cyclist.

  • The fact I still have that bike hanging up here proves it was right to go swimming that day...

  • This is a backhanded way of warning me about future doping tests isn't it?

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