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    "Then I also back this up by doing strength work in the gym. I found that as you get over 50 one of the biggest things is to try and maintain muscle mass and strength — not a problem for all the youngsters but for us old lot it needs some work! "­dave-brailsford-reveals-his-personal-die­t-and-training-regime-strava

  • The 35-year-old woke up on Sunday with neck spasms that left him unable to move his right arm, get out of bed or get dressed by himself. He flew to Texas on Monday wearing a neck brace. A couple of days, a cortisone shot and some chiropractic treatment later, he pronounced himself fit and ready, pitched in the decisive game of the World Series

  • While we're on American sports (of which they're World Champions, yay, yay, USA, USA!) I was watching an NFL game and the commentator cheerfully announced that a player was coming back after a 4 MATCH ban for PEDs. I mean, I know it's bleeding obvious, but, really?

  • really?

    Which drugs? If you're just trying to eliminate competitive advantage, a 24h ban might be enough for some drugs which have short-lived and temporary action.

  • There were lots of rumours the good doctor was dishing the good stuff out to the staff not the riders

  • Which would be the perfect cover story!

  • Drug of choice was not reported, however, a ban for pretty much any PED in any other sport tends to be slightly longer. If it proved to be something more commonly taken recreationally, say, coke, it might well clear the system quickly but the governing body would normally be unimpressed. If it were a form of amphetamine, also frequently recreational, it's too late to ask Tommy Simpson about the alleged consequences. Any PED which is not sanctioned by the governing body or with an agreed TUE (or similar) is surely cheating and should be treated as such, presumably with a lengthy ban.

  • Any PED which is not sanctioned by the governing body or with an agreed TUE (or similar) is surely cheating and should be treated as such, presumably with a lengthy ban

    The rules and the scale of the sanction are for the governing body to decide. We're used to extremely severe sanctions in cycling and other sports which have adopted the WADA code, but the main American professional sports have not, and are free to set their own rules. It's show-business, with the emphasis very much on business. If the fans are happy with the way American pro sports are run and keep buying the product, they aren't going to put marquee players on the sidelines for years at a time just to suit our European mores.

  • Any PED which is not sanctioned by the governing body or with an agreed TUE (or similar) is surely cheating and should be treated as such, presumably with a lengthy ban.

    But other forms of cheating may result in 5 mins in the sin bin.

  • Freeman alleging the testogel was for Shane Sutton. Sutton is going to testify at the hearing, with medical evidence apparently, it wasn't. Either way, surely freeman is going to be disqualified. Lot of completely legitimate questions about the ethics and conduct of BC and Team Sky during this period.

    Freeman has claimed it was used to treat sutton's erectile dysfunction. It is just so unconvincing a drug he needed for erectile dysfunction also happened to a well known PED.

  • But using exogenous testosterone, even at microdosing levels, is high risk for very limited gains to the point where the risks far outweigh the benefits.

    The bullying culture Sutton led at BC is well established, and by all accounts Freeman was a victim of it. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest that Freeman is telling the truth here.

    There are lots of rumours around as to why Sutton wanted medical assistance at the time, being newly single and all.

  • We'll need an account from a buxom 40 year old Manchester local

  • 40?!?

  • It must be all those years of hard living...

  • GMC pushing that the Testogel was purchased to dose an unnamed cyclist­ov/08/dr-richard-freeman-steve-sutton-af­fidavit-british-cycling-daily-mail?CMP=S­hare_iOSApp_Other

    Can’t be far off the GMC implying that Testogel was in the Jiffy bag I’d imagine

  • The jiffy bag story was leaked by Shane Sutton, allegedly, in a fit of pique at not getting the Land Rover he was promised.

  • The problem with all the media reports, all the testimony and even the chat on here is that there isn't either of them clean and innocent and ‘the victim’, they are both dodgy cunts. It’s just that one of them got busted and has turned on the other.

    In my opinion.

  • Starting to kick off now with Sutton on the stand. Dan Roan of the BBC is tweeting it.

  • "I did not have sexual relations with that woman... "

    Does it count as "doping" if the person taking drugs isn't an athlete?

  • Shane Sutton is sounding like a even-tempered, well balanced individual here.

  • Pretty entertaining thread:­65268828168192?s=20

    “You’re saying I can’t get a hard-on in the press. Well my wife wants to come here & testify you’re a bloody liar!”

  • Yes - scenes. He's stormed out now.

  • Perhaps a few questions for BC HR?

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