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  • Froome sticks the knife in. Clearly a bit miffed about 2012. Perhaps he's hoping to be upgraded...

    My view

    — Chris Froome (@chrisfroome) 27 September 2016

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  • Wiggo via hippy: "I didn't have an asthma attack, but I did have a Froome attack"

  • You don't need to dope when your a genetic mutant.
    We're not all born with the good genes.

  • I had a pair of hand-me-down Levis.

  • Did you get a TUE for that buuuurn

  • Totally




  • In this piece from 2014 they attribute to Froome- >'At last year’s Tour de France, Froome said that TUEs are “rather personal” and that he did not have any.'

    But here they say that the details from the hack included info on a May 2013 TUE for Froome.

    Not suggesting his TUE were for performance enhancement, shockingly bad memory though to forget about a TUE in 2 months.

  • tue tue!

  • Top umbrella extension.

    Topical undercarriage exfoliator.

  • Tuesday

  • Totally

  • The Universe Expands
    Towards Unlimited Entropy
    Though Unbelievers Expect
    That Until Eternity
    Their Unifying Experience
    Transports Unto Eden

  • When it comes to Wiggins. Froome's professionalism and self respect desert him.

  • Good old Paul Sherwen; never saw doping except his own two positive tests when his team docked his salary for the legal fees.

  • Is this recent news? Because it's not on his wiki page.. yet.

  • I'm not sure people know what ashtma is. I was diagnosed with ashtma v young. I spent weeks not being able to do anything apart from walking slowly, otherwise my breathing was suffocating me.

    When I was diagnosed (6yo) it got better with inhalers but when I had a flare up I was in a state of trying just to sustain breathing in a controlled manner (hard for a kid) but I learnt to keep calm until I got taken to the doctors/a&e to get on a nebulizer.

    In between the controlled moments I literally had to stay immomobile and my parents had to carry me up stairs, because I literally had no breath to get me there.

    Throughout my junior schools I was not allowed to carry my reliever inhaler, and had to go to the main office to have access to this. This I think still stands now :(. I learnt to stay still and learnt to stay calm, while not being able to breath properly until help came.

    As I got older I learnt more about my triggers (many) and tried to avoid them. I've recently tried to do very low level competitive cycling in the last few years and it took me at least a year to just get over pushing myself to get out of breath, it was a massive psychological barrier. I've also had to take out weeks and sometimes months of riding because my asthma has flared up.

    I guess what I'm saying is after all of this, is that the medication for my asthma never even touched needing a Tue (i looked it up).

    Asthma is horrible and sadly people do die from asthma attacks.

    I don't believe the cyclists who got the "asthma/allergic injections" was because of severe risk of dying from asthma attacks. But mostly if your asthma flare up is that severe, how the hell did you think you could ride a grand tour?

    Ps Callum Skinner rules, as an asthma sufferer this rings true, and the right reaction:

  • All well and good until "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear."

  • I got taken to the doctors/a&e to get on a nebulizer...the medication for my asthma never even touched needing a Tue (i looked it up)

    Technically, if you were on a salbutamol nebuliser in hospital, you were on a dose above that permitted without a TUE. The most common dose is 5mg, which is just over 3 times the permitted daily inhaler dose, and 5mg doses are commonly administered twice a day if you continue to have symptoms. Even one round of the lower 2.5mg dose will easily put you over the threshold 1000ng/ml excretion rate for a while.

    As we're both aware, needing the nebuliser isn't really compatible with doing anything much more strenuous than sitting up in bed, so it's only really a concern for people subject to out of competition testing :)

  • What?

  • See UKAD guide - you need a TUE if you use a salbutamol nebuliser. I'm not having a go at you, just correcting a minor technical error for the benefit of strangers from the future.

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  • I was 8 wtf?!!!

  • Sorry I tried to say an honest thing asthma, obvs not wanted!

  • Dude...

    He wasnt saying that your 8yo self needed a TUE. He was saying that an athlete having that nebuliser would need one. Which is just a minor correction of this sentence in your post:

    the medication for my asthma never even touched needing a TUE.


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