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  • That narrows it down to about half the peloton

  • One of their daily emails last week said the latest SP article was delayed because lawyers already. This was supposedly the cleared one.

  • Some 2nd rate world tour pro decided against bad mouthing one of this generations best riders!?

  • He has a point though; neither Sagan not his DSs at Cannondale have shown much ability to make the very best of his talent, yet.

  • crass

    It's written by an Aussie offtherecord pro - it's supposed to be crass. Lawyers >>>

  • You can spot Will handing bidons and advice to commuters from the passenger side window of a stickered up fiat most mornings. Just nod and keep pedalling.



  • Yeah but there's ways of saying he hasn't been racing that clever and flat out calling Sagan a -petty name, the douche. At the end of the day he's the most marked man in the peloton

  • Oh don't be so precious Jimmy. The way people fawn over Sagan it's a nice change to read someone saying it plainly. Someone who knows what they are talking about, that is. Perhaps he is just a dumb-ass. Perhaps he's a bit thick when it comes to racing, like Valverde. Just possibly someone who gropes a woman on the podium is a bit thick off the bike too.
    Wouldn't it be interesting to read more tactless views from riders?
    Also, am I the only person who finds this @ thing annoying? The replies clutter up the 'Following' list something rotten.

  • A snippet from INRNG; Roman Kreuziger is using the same UK doc as JTL to support his biopassport case challenge.

  • See Will, that is done with some wit, the other is a flat out insult. That's the difference, it isn't being precious. Sagan has done enough, and won enough, not to be insulted by some anonymous pro.

  • And my initial reaction was that is off, calling a fellow pro a dumb ass, whether it was Sagan or not, whether he is thick or not. And 100% certain he wouldn't have the balls to say that if he was actually putting his name to the article. And I wonder if that is one of the main reasons it got pulled.

  • I doubt Sagan gives a toss.

  • Well not claiming to speak for Sagan....

    Just saying it's a shitty thing to say about a fellow pro anonymously, you cunts

  • Because of my chemotherapy, my red count has started to hit the floor, and I've had a couple of transfusions in the last week or so.
    Almost as a joke, I asked one of the oncologists if they could prescribe me EPO, and they told me that they only usually give it to leukaemia patients, but I could probably get it if I really wanted.

    I only asked as a bit of a pisstake, but now I'm kind of curious, purely in the interests of (bad) science.

  • You'll need a TUE too then! Seriously though, good luck with the treatment, hope it's not making you feel too grim.

  • ^^ Good luck. Drugs FTW in this case!

  • Have to agree with Will here, its refreshing to hear someone say that kind of thing. Even if it is 'anonymous'.

    That Rensburg tweet is brilliant. Though I would peg Sagan for some kind of euro-tecnho type thing instead. Or maybe some of that stupid pop dub step.

  • The chances of the 'secret' pro's identity being a secret in the peloton must be pretty low anyway.

  • The Plymouth Herald have an exclusive JTL interview; it's only the potential cost of an appeal that's stopping him clearing his name.

  • That and the scientific evidence.

  • zing

  • @Bad_Science provisional dibs for @hippy

  • Do they have choc-mint flavour?

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