• 53cm Volume cutter with fu man chu fork.

    Making way for something new so this frame is up for sale. Its in very good condition apart from a tiny chip in the paint work on the rear left stay and a chip on the bottom of the fork. These are minor.

    Comes with headset and spacers.


    Pm me if your interested.

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  • bar spin?

  • Yeah it barspins bit of toe overlap but you get that with everything.

    Just got to learn to time it (as with all fixed gear bikes)

  • That was a very serious answer.

  • does it come with bb as shown in the pic?

  • That was a very serious answer.

    I'm a serious kind of guy.

    You can have the bottom bracket if you really want it. I'm changing my wholesetup so i have no use for it. It's a sugino.

  • im thinking about it il pm you about it

  • tomorrow **

  • No worries.

  • splitting the fork? if so dibs, pending price.

  • Trying to sell as complete.
    Although i would expect to get more seperate. fork would be £75.00 frame £185.00.

    Thats IF i had a buyer for both.

  • what tyre width can you fit in these, still only 32's?

  • Yeah. Although according to trick track could do 35's depending on brand but i never tried.

  • do u still have it i have a friend who might want it

  • oh ok, i've got a v3 and 32's just aren't doing it for me anymore, i want fuck'off massive ones!

  • undibs!

  • Still for sale crazy rider.

  • can you ship to australia? im interested...

  • I will have it, payment paypal ? or another secure method

  • sorry postage to australia isn't an option.

    Have you considered how much it would cost?

  • £200 posted to London SE1?

  • is it sold or what ?

  • £200 posted to London SE1?
    Ambition. right there.

  • £200 posted to London SE1?


    Good try though.

  • now sold


For Sale: Volume cutter v3.5 in black with grey(raw) fu manchu fork

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