For Sale: Sugino 75, zen chainring,thomson post, profile and odyssey

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  • **1. sugino 75 cranks 165's apart from the scuff that i made last week they are in good condition. SOLD**

    2. Sugino 75 zen messenger chainring 44 tooth 144pcd. lovely condition.
    £25.00 posted ono.

    3. profile hip stem 25.4 clamp size 1-1/8 black.
    £25.00 posted.

    **4. odyssey twisted pedals with butty straps. great condition. molested with a dremel to fit the butty straps (as shown in pictures) SOLD**

    5. 0 sweep nitto riser bars cut down with aaron ross grips ( the grips are a few weeks old) zig zag scratches on the bars from removal of ill fitted brake. SOLD

    1. 2 used randonneur pros 700x32c hardly any wear really.** Sold**

    7. concor bff ltd edition ripped up at the back but rides well and holds together fine.
    £18.00 posted.

    8. thomson elite layback seatpost 27.2 (this is the long one they did) few bad insertion marks on rear (as shown)

    Back off holiday few things left pm me if interested

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  • more pics

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  • dibs thomson if its 330mm plus
    pm sent

  • more pics

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  • dibs on the cranks on behalf of chainbreaker.

    is he spooning you?

  • Damn good price on those cranks!

  • 2nd dibs on the cranks please

  • dibs on the pedals n straps. pming now

  • 3rds on the cranks please...

  • Update;

    cranks sold.

  • Although i think the prices are pretty reasonable .

    Just to let people know i'll consider decent offers on most these things.

  • That's a Zen messenger ring, not a Zen.

  • that's what i was thinking.

  • Yeah, they are more like £30 new.

  • Mate its a zen ring in black. cost me quite a bit more than 35 quid.­p?main_page=product_info&cPath=80&produc­ts_id=248

  • sorry, gizmond and murtle are right. The zen you're referring to is the one used by the olympic teams and doesn't have the word "messenger" on it. The one you are selling is the cheaper version.

  • YOUR RIGHT!! It is a messenger but for the sugino 75's

    I actually did'nt realise till i looked at the bloody photo.

    Still costs £65.00 new though as its for the 75's not the messenger cranks.

  • Updated prices and sold items

  • All though you neglected to update the fact that is a Zen Messenger, not a Zen chain ring. They are £40 new BTW so you might struggle. £25 is more the ballpark.

  • I believe Sugino do 4 of these solid rings: messenger, messenger zen, zen, super zen (from cheapest to most expensive). Don't know what the retail prices are though.

  • They also do the SG75 which are the lower profile ones.

  • Indeed. I was just talking about the solid-style ones. They probably have a technical name.
    Anyway, there's what seems to be an exhaustive list here:­rt/pc/viewCat_h.asp?idCategory=1978

  • Even Sugino's website doesn't have them all:

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For Sale: Sugino 75, zen chainring,thomson post, profile and odyssey

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