Beginners Polo

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  • Would be great to have you Al!

  • Dang. didn't pick up chukker this avo (this rain!), will do it in the morning, unless someone else is passing LMNHs this eve.....

    1. Tumthelove
    2. Jono
    3. Salman
    4. io78
    5. Jessie
    6. Fran
    7. Fuchsia
    8. LoKing
    9. Julian
      Mostly dry with bright or sunny spells and a light southwesterly breeze.
    1. Tumthelove
    2. Jono
    3. Salman
    4. io78
    5. Jessie
    6. Fran

    ^^^ Naomi didn't like the set up of easts loaner bike...

    However I don't mind it, and I'm not going to be getting a polo bike any time soon, so am quite happy to look after if no-one else is.....

    haha yeah thats true with the bike, but i have to take whats there for my tomorrow session, whatever..

  • Don't think I'll make it after all... I should probably take some time to heal up.

  • What happened?

  • Oh nothing serious! Just badly bruised from falling on the same bits regardless of whether I'm playing polo, climbing, or even just walking... One palm was almost twice the size of the other this morning! Thanks for asking though.

    I'll probably get bored in 20 minutes and make the trip for NE anyway...

  • Despite two pretty big crashes on Wednesday my main current injury is a twisted ankle from walking the dog! Luckily doesn't effect cycling, but it's a major pain when walking/standing.

  • Thank you all today, as I had a try out (first time ever) with the mallet in London Fields. Really lovely crowd and good distraction from flat-hunting. I learnt a few simple moves and riding Jessie's bike with LH brake was a dream. Heal up soon Khornight2

  • almac played polo! Sorry i missed that! Wish I'd been there to cheer you on blud. Have you been on your Italian ride yet?

  • Lovely to have you and so many new beginners today A! Lots of polo superstars in the making I think. Hope to see you all next week.

  • Sorry for being late. Lois was scoring some particularly nifty goals yesterday and everyone's improving loads!

  • Had a real good time yesterday, I WANT MORE POLO. I'm Lois by the way.

  • Thanks jono a bit of beginners luck I think

  • Beginners Polo session. Newington Gardens, Harper Road, SE1.

    Tuesday October 30th, 6:30pm or so.

    I'll have a couple of spare mallets with me, and hopefully a loaner bike up to scratch.

    1. dublinkevin
  • Is anyone able to run this Saturdays' NE session at London Fields? (I'm helping at Muddy Hell and Jess is working.)

    We had loads of new people last week and it would be a shame to lose the momentum if the session doesn't go ahead.

    You'd just need to turn up at 9:30am with a few spare mallets and a ball and talk through things with any first timers.

  • I'd be well up for mid week beginners, I hope a lovely kind person can make tomorrow.

    1. Dublinkevin
    2. Lois
  • Tuesday October 30th, Newington Gardens, Harper Road, SE1.

    1. Dublinkevin
    2. Lois

    Cool Lois, see you on Tuesday. Do you need a bike or mallet?

  • Just a mallet and some luck is all

  • Is no one about to do this Saturday? Come on people, we can't just leave Jono and Jess to do it every week. The session needs to be regular to keep them coming back, missing one week can have a serious effect on numbers the week after.

  • Aren't there enough beginners, do they really need someone none beginner there? Tuesday's often happened with no oldies.

  • Experience shows you need an oldie to co-ordinate or it falls apart.

  • I'm not an oldie really, but I can do tomorrow morning - need some practise anyways. Have to leave 12.30ish though. I have only one ball and one spare mallet!
    Who else is in? Naomi, Fran, Io...?

    Sat, 10.00, London Fields:

    1. thedutch
  • im in pending weather in the morning :)

  • It's a lovely day for polo, see you at the court for 10.

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Beginners Polo

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