• up for grabs...an extremely rare original SE Racing OM flyer (steel looptail frame - pre-Fuji )...its the Enduro model, so late 80's/early 90's (?)...with mech hanger and various cable end bosses - i think it came with a Sachs "twin drive" (hub 3 speed AND cassette/freewheel) as an option

    its black

    its in pretty good nick...id say 8/10...could use a respray ideallyfew nicks/scratches here and there but nothing super-ugly and theres some surface rust in a few spots that ive sanded off/touched up
    replacement decals can be found on Ebay
    currently in single speed mode

    odyssey triple trap pedals/cobra seat/torque converter spider
    Redline one piece cranks
    DK bars and stem
    shimano canti brakes/levers
    femco rims on joytech/sovos hubs

    its a sweet bike and im loath to sell it but holiday and a new road bike project makes it necessary...the last one i saw on Ebay went for £650 from memory ( about 18 months ago)...
    im in Clapton E5

    price? i cant be arsed with Ebay,so £500 for a quick sale?

  • Sold


For Sale: Original SE Racing OM Flyer "enduro" - pre Fuji

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