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  • Has anyone ever made something like­cessories/rear-rack-bracket/

    But for seat stay pannier mounts?

  • No, but it wouldn't be too hard. Out of interest, if you were to pay someone to design and print such a thing, how much might you pay?

  • I have access to a 3D printer hence wondering if there was any models out there. I'd pay for a nice coffee (3.50?) for someone to do a design for me.

  • Do you have any excess fork steerer from a time you may have cut one down?

  • Or there was someone who used an empty 35mm film canister with bolt

  • By this argument, a 2d inkjet performs lines of 1d printing.

  • In other news, I got a Creality Ender 2 for £102 delivered recently. eBay, uk seller, uk stock.

  • How are you finding it?

  • Not done much with it yet, been working on designs. I'm using IceSL to design and generate gcode since it's reasonably similar to OpenSCAD I've used for modelling stuff before and it's got profiles for various printers bundled with it.

    Just got a fresh spool of filament so will be making things soon.

  • I ended up missing my 3d printer enough to take a punt on an Anycubic Mega S for £280. Holy shit is it good. Print quality is way better than my old more expensive printer and bed adhesion is virtually perfect. One of the things I liked most is that it comes mostly preassembled. Whilst that cuts out some of the funz it also leaves less to chance and required less tinkering to get started

    Highly recommended. You don't need to spend a lot of money to get a good printer any more

  • So have you printed some nice bitcoin to get started?

  • I was looking at their SLA printer
    for casting whichh is pretty unbeatable on price but saw mixed reviews about it's reliability and after service... Might be cheaper/better using a pla printer with water soluble filament if the accuracy and resolution is getting that much better anyway

  • No but I paid for it in Bitcoin

  • Just ordered an Ender 3 Pro from BangGood's UK warehouse. I've a small stack of things to print already. Any suggestions on good PLA brands? I've been pointed to Amazon Basic's as being good bang for buck, anything else?

  • I've had really good results with Sunlu PLA, don't really use anything else at the moment.

  • I want to get this 3D printed to make a friction shifter from a 10 spd TT900:­am-tt500-friction-mod/

    The article is quite old and wondering if there are any newer materials that would be more suitable?

    Also, where is a good place get this done? I’ll prob get a few made so I’ve got spares if needed.

  • I'd be happy to make a few in various plastics so you can see what works best...

    Can do PLA, ABS and PETG at the moment.

    The designer says they printed in Nylon but PLA also worked too. I think ABS or PETG should be ok. Wouldn't want to buy a reel of Nylon just for this part as Nylon is a bitch to work with .

  • That would be awesome, thank you. sending pm.

  • Would just like to say a big thank you to @Stonehedge who sent me an envelope of 3D printed futurism.

    PETG got me closest to matching the front shifter for smoothness and resistance.

    Waiting on some thumbies to arrive then can find out if 9 speed friction is a good idea or not...

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  • Apparently my local library has a 3d printer (not sure what model yet), I'm tempted to print off some wattshop style aerobar bar plugs hooks, but I was wondering how strong is a pla print? Would it be strong enough to pull on a bit? Their page say theirs are made "using Graphite SLS rapid prototyping" so they don't use pla themselves.

    And also, how much filament does a small part like that take?

  • SLS doesn't use filament, it's a laser sintered nylon powder.

    It's the very similar as the material in the wattshop link you sent

  • Is pla strong enough to pull on?
    Yes up to a point....
    Less strong than nylon and printed part is much less predictable than an SLS due to the layered construction on an fdm print which often fails like a wooden part along the layer lines.

    How much filament do I need.
    If you know the part mass & filament diameter it's a calc based on density but there are online calculators to spare your brain cells

  • Another question.
    Do you have a cad file or stl for this part?
    If not, how do you plan to create one?

    Pla filament prints are great to check whether you've got your cad drawing right (quick, available and easy) after that you can commit to a more sophisticated tech for final parts.

    I can put you in touch with printers who can make parts of this quality for next to nothing... PM me if you want to talk further

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Geek alert, 3D printing, rapid prototyping / RepRap Mendel

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