• Dogs are okay in flats, depends on the dog though. You'll have to take it out, which is on you. But an evening and morning stroll can be nice. Guess if you're leaving it at home you'll need to consider your neighbours and make sure said dog is entertained and chil or you'll find yourself in bastard neighbours thread. Just don't get a high energy dog or a puppy unless you WFH. A matured rescue will be easier.

  • Dog just lay about and sleep anyway. They don't know if you have a garden or not. It's a bit silly these rules.

  • Whippets are good flat dogs. No need for a garden of you've got a good sized park nearby too.

  • Yes, should probably have mentioned that I work from home plus we have children and so there's rarely a point there isn't someone at home. Which obviously helps a lot.
    I feel being around in the daytime is probably a lot more important than having a garden.
    But obviously depends on the dog, etc, etc.

  • I would love a staffy

    Staffy X rescue owner here (people keep asking if she's a pit bull but lets not go there) and would definitely recommend the breed. However, and this is based purely on other rescue owners i've met, you'll probably need some good luck to find a 1-2 years old Staff from a limited resource pool that is well trained/adjusted. As others have said with care and attention there's no reason you can't make the flat situation work but if you're getting a rescue just be mindful of the work that might be required.

  • BTW interested in any more experienced dog owner's opinions on spaying - before or after first season? Anyone paid extra for keyhole surgery?

  • We got Daisy spayed after her first season with us (her third overall), waited the recommended amount of time after it, though I can't remember how long that was. We really struggled to keep her calm in the period afterwards, she's very very energetic and active and to keep her from bounding around and walking upstairs at a slow pace was a constant headache. She ended up with a minor complication because of it - the area around the surgery scar filled with fluid (around the size of a couple golfballs), which was pretty scary but ultimately it settled and healed up nicely. For no more stressful seasons, and the health benefits, it was a bit of a no brainer for us. I was pretty scared about it all, having lost a dog when I was younger after she got spayed, but Daisy has been fine. Didn't get keyhole surgery.

  • Thanks. We're definitely getting it done (much as puppies would be lovely). Am trying to find out how much extra for keyhole surgery as the idea of keeping her from running about for ages is stressful and apparently keyhole is much quicker recovery time.

  • We got it done before first season but some vets still recommend after the first. Might depend on size/breed of your dog. The first few days she didn't really want to do much then there was just a few more of keeping her inside when she wanted to play, not too bad.

  • cheers. Got a book or two off here on training dogs to read. I want to know what should be done from a pup training wise in case I go that route/ probably good knowledge to have

  • Herding my bike.

  • 37 breeds are currently crossing their legs.

  • Not sure if this has made me any less uncertain about best point to do it...
    (not least because staffies not on the list)
    Am going to guess it'll probably be fine either way, will see what vet says.
    Current vet said after first season, but am waiting to hear from another local one that does the keyhole spaying.
    Probably more important to get her a coat that fits properly... she hates going out in the cold and her current one is now like a crop top.

  • Don’t try and sell your house, after puppy toilet training is complete. Those carpet stains really show up on the house listing more than you would like.

  • We had brand new white carpets (thanks dude who sold it to us) when we got Otto. They are horrific now. When we come to sell the first thing we're going to need to do is rip it all out.

    To be fair, Otto is only responsible for general grime. Most of the stains were from our late cat who sprung a leak in his old age.

  • But it’s all totally worth it right…..

    Our carpet was new and it has only lasted 18 months, every room has stains, the cats have pulled it up around the stairs and the bathroom.

    Pets Status
    5 bantams (Gladys, Mable, Winnie, Agatha & Vera)
    2 cats (Dotty & Peggy)
    1 Sprocker (Siegfried)

    1 Attachment

    • 62A060E6-71B0-4FE9-90AC-99D9161FEA1B.jpeg
  • And people wonder why landlords can be funny about pets.

  • Things have been a little stressful. Glaucoma is currently controlled - but at some point the meds will stop working and the eye will have to come out.

    The boy has been adapting well to his reduced eyesight, but clearly the optic nerve damage has reduced his sight significantly especially below his snout so he can miss ditches and when the ground moves away from him. He is clearly using a mental map but if he gets disorientated can get confused as to where steps and doors are.

    Before the glaucoma incident he also had a growth on the eyelid which was due to be removed. Yesterday we finally had that operation, which appears to be a success though in the evening we had a scare when some of the clotting around the excision location dislodged and he had tears of blood.

    Thankfully he is a resilient boy and has always been inquisitive and has a general response of “joy” to most stimuli. So learning to accommodate the changes hasn’t been too traumatic and he is still very happy. I think it’s been harder for us to watch him making mistakes, clattering into things, whereas he doesn’t appear too bothered.

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    • 22611691-F206-4AD7-AF2B-95F3C25965A7.jpeg
  • Aww poor thing. Spoil him rotten. Good luck with the healing process

  • It’s amazing how resilient dogs are, good luck with everything

  • And people wonder why landlords can be funny about pets.

    It's not as if they're ever giving back the deposit, even if you don't damage the place...

  • It's not as if they're ever giving back the deposit, even if you don't damage the place...

    Yes, many/most landlords are cunts. I'm aware of this.

    There's a new development in Lewisham that is for rental only and one of the main selling points is "we allow pets!"...you'd fucking hope so considering they charge 50% over the average local rent.

    Seems to work though, seems like loads of people in the building have dogs.

  • Ugh...talking about damage from dogs. A friend of mine bought a house down in Westgate on Sea last year. Apparently the previous owner lived there with 17 dogs. I hate to think about their welfare...the house was full of hundreds of dog turds when he took the keys.

    Edit: She was old and they all went to a rescue centre so she could move into a flat.

  • We had new turf laid at the same time Bosco came to live with us.
    Little fucker took great joy lifting it up and peeling it back.

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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