• there's a couple who have an 8 month border collie type pup that has no recall so they keep it on one of those ridiculous 15m rope leads and they're exactly the same all the way down to the rope burn under the knee.

    annoyingly benny has ingratiated himself on their dog and the owners so they always make a beeline for us.

    i'm happy for them to play but every single time I end up within reach of the rope I'll move back then benny will run behind me and then their dog drags them towards us shortening the distance allowing their dog to run behind me. or they'll come super close with the rope held at a shortened length only for the dog to pull it out of their grip so it's at full extension again. i spend so much time backing away from them i feel like i'm on the run

    they seem like nice people so i'm loathe to give them shit for it but ffs have a single fucking ounce of self-awareness please.

  • I hate extendy leads for this very reason. A long training lead that can be dropped is fine. Cheese wire zippy things can, to quote an ex forumite, get in the sea.

  • Thankfully vets are cheap here. Had to be put under to remove a splinter from his paw, had worked it's was in, all 3cm of it. I saw a video of it coming out, horrid.
    I need to be better at checking his paws but he's difficult, even with training on it. Think I'll have to buy a small muzzle to assist. For the greater good.

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  • Ours sounds terrifying but in reality he just wants to say hello really really urgently. So my advice to any potential burglers is don't be put off, be persistent and you'll be doubly rewarded with swag and a very affectionate poodle. Well, the poodle at least.

  • Absolutely feel your pain with this one. Training this is a nightmare, so many variables and a really difficult situation to control. For what it's worth we're having a load of success playing "find it" with chicken or tennis ball in long grass if there are other dogs passing - keeps Daisy properly engaged and she ignores the other dog

  • Sally has been limping a bit recently, and the vet's just diagnosed her with arthritis. She's a 9 year old medium-sized street rescue from Hong Kong with a bit of shepherd in her, and people often think she's a German shepherd puppy, as she loves a bit of chasing and playing.

    We've got the medication and hopefully she reacts well to it, but we're tremendously sad that our girl is going into managed decline just as we're about to move out of Ldn, and our ideas of years of long days of walking with her in the countryside seem unlikely. Obviously, not the end of the world, but sucks to know she's in pain.

  • (second hand advice)
    Are you using supplements?
    Someone in the park has an older dog that was less able-bodied, they started on youmove (umove/ youmöv ?) Dog joint pills and said it was massive improvement almost immediately.

    Obviously consult with a vet, etc. But might be worth a go?

  • It's YuMove - I know as I signed up for it this morning, also on the advice of someone we know in the park. Fingers crossed...

  • Ah sorry to hear that.
    Hope you can help her as best.

  • Apparently swimming can help some dogs with arthritis. I think it takes place in a special pool etc. and probably costs more than owning a swimming pool but it was recommended to a friend who's golden retriever has arthritis.

  • Yumove is good. Takes a while to help and a higher dose seemed to work better with my old arthritic staffy. Also worth researching Turmeric and CBD oils particularly as other less clinical options.

    Metacam/Loxicom (same stuff different brand) was the best though, but its hard on the Kidneys so have them checked first. My old staffy had an historic kidney issue (what got her in the end at 15) so couldnt take Metacam.

    Tried her on Tramadol which worked but its a strong opiate and it subdued her personality and sent her to dream land so stopped because felt even in pain her quality of life was better without as she could still appreciate her surroundings.

    Vet recommended hydrotherapy but as Airhead says, eye wateringly expensive...

  • +1 for Yumove, it seems to help.

  • My mum's dog has arthritis and loves a good swim in the special, expensive pool. She's much better off afterwards!

  • Q: Woof?
    A: Woof!

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  • We had our old dog on green lipped mussel from a local health food shop. It seemed to give her back some range of movement and she could walk further. Might be worth a try.

  • Yeah I'll go for an evening beer and bounce.

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  • Thanks for all the various suggestions on arthritis, we'll try a few things and see how she goes.

  • Need to bring Daisy to meet this guy now she's only partial psychopath

  • Thanks for all the Ollie advice with barking when people come into or at the front door. Trying to ignore/ calm him down before we answer has resulted in less ferocious barking, so we shall see how that goes.

    In other news our little dog group has suddenly become a little more boisterous as all the dogs which have basically grown up with each other since 2020 has all hit the some hormone stage so all looking to dominate each other. The two older bitches in our group are showing them who's boss.

  • We've been having such an awful time with our Diva, who we only got from Battersea 3 and a bit months ago. She has had four general anesthetics in that time, two suspected but benign lumps removed, then ruptured her left cruciate ligament (thank god we didn't take advice not to get insurance). She was starting to slowly to recover over the last four weeks then, two days ago, she ruptured the other. It has just been awful luck but the feeling that I have done this to her is sickening. Here she is recovering and feeling good in the sun and here she is sitting in the back of the car waiting to go into the vets

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  • Really sorry to hear this, what have Battersea said about the issues the dog has been having? She's a beautiful dog btw.

  • Thanks.

  • Anyone took their woofer out on a kayak / paddleboard & recommend a lifejacket? Are the £40 ones any better than the £15 amazon numbers?

    We have a nice flat loch near us & with the temperature now reaching double figures some days i'm getting back out paddling soon & want to take Mavis as she loves a swim, should be a hoot.

    Here she is - fur has grown back in nicely

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  • I haven't but that sounds brilliant

  • Have Battersea stepped up? Pretty poor of them to wash their hands. How sad

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