• Oh man, what a smashing chap!

    Weirdly, he looks like a cross between Odie and his best mate Scampi! Odie is a (black) German shepherd crossed with something or other. Scampi is a lurcher / staffy cross. Can definitely see some staffy face and some malinois ears going on there.

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  • Haaa! Great photo. Hey, did the jacket fit in the end?

  • So tired, must dramatically lie on deck

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  • It did! We've yet to get photos of her wearing it though, she's constantly filthy at the minute and we don't want to ruin it immediately so it's not seen much use at all just yet.

  • Ah great! Yeah mud is featuring heavily in my life at the moment. If it’s not the kids treading it in, it’s Odie sprinting in to the kitchen to shake off next to the whitest surface he can find.

  • That's the reason Crumpet has her little yellow jacket. She's not too keen on it but she insists in rolling in mud every time we go out at the minute. The jacket doesn't complain as much as she does when it needs a wash!

  • .

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  • Looks like a Dutch shepherd. He’s a winner!

  • Got my father in law visiting today, with his 4 month old cockapoo (who hasn’t stopped moving enough to get an in-focus photo). Odie is utterly livid

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  • Has anyone taken their dog out for a long ride? I've got a K9 bag to take my dog on some rides when the weather improves, I've joked about doing some summer bivvy nights with him. He loves being in the bag and is quite happy with the Geraint Thomas goggles so I'm looking forward to taking him on some adventures

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  • We've done an hour in the bag, pup seemed fine with it.

  • As a contribution to your fitness, would you like to borrow two labradors?

  • I've got one of those but benny is at the top-end of the capacity (in real life, he's well within the range of the bag specs) I put him in it when he arrived and he fit but didnt feel like he'd be comfortable enough so never used it.

  • I used to take mine mountain biking. He loved chasing me down the mountains. Some of his lines were unconventional to say the least.

  • Arthur seems to love it, to the extent when you try and get him out of the bag, he still sits in it. I'll be interested to see what he's like on the road/trials. I'm going to start off with a short loop and go from there.

    @Jung that's what I'm imagining with him, he's roughly 6kg which is the same weight of my bag that i commute with.

  • I quite fancy a Buddy Rider.
    Its like a baby seat that attaches to your seat post and puts the dog between you and the bars.

  • I have one of these bags too and my standard dachshund loves it. I've rarely done more than an hour at a time with him though because I get pretty uncomfortable. It's like wearing a heated backpack - gets seriously warm in summer.

  • How am I supposed to work and stop a 4m old puppy from wreaking havoc?
    He’s a bit nippy and has a thing for my sleeves. It’s a constant battle between substituting for something more interesting and dissuading him from doing it in the first place.
    …all the whole, no work is getting done. 🙄

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  • I've not had much success at a backpack with piri, but he's 15kg now and not keep on it, so I did get a trailer and that went better but its a ball ache as I'm in a flat and have to take it all down individually and set up.

  • sometimes you've got to just take a 20 min break and play with the pup. Also it can help to get a ball that hides treats to keep them occupied. It's tough, and I now don't feel bad about putting slightly too large treats in the ball or not helping her get it unstuck from somewhere if it keeps her occupied longer.

  • I'm just joking really. He's getting loads of attention and I think he's worn himself out now because he's just gone for a snooze..meaning I should be working! I could murder a cuppa but I'm scared to disturb him now haha

  • not helping her get it unstuck from somewhere if it keeps her occupied longer.

    LOL. Piris ball rolls under the sofa and he is enthralled by it for ages. It's the best part!

    I also found that sometimes just walking away was good, he didn't know when to stop. But if I went out, or into another room he'd complain for a moment but then would basically pass out from tiredness. So don't be afraid to use a 'timeout'.

  • The craziest time is just before the nap. Mine has just fired her treat ball across the room, it hit a dustpan and brush, which slowly slipped down and scared her. So now she's hiding under my legs. I'm going to miss this when I have to go back to the office.

  • I also discovered wrapping a stinky treat up in a blanket is basically beyond her capabilities to dig out, definitely not a working dog.

  • If you can stand the racket, filling an empty and dry 2l bottle (coke, sparkling water etc) with kibble always kept Odie occupied for a while. It really is very loud though.

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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