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  • About equal measures nightmare/goodest boi.

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  • Lovely dogs all round.

    @lowbrows I hope you’re holding up ok.

    Otto turned two last week, and has now been with us one year!

    He’s gone from touch and go reactivity that literally brought us to tears, to amazing and confident companion.

    Not everything is quite sorted yet, but he’s definitely in the right track.

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  • They’re continuing to get on, mostly

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  • Wow she looks like she's grown a lot already!

  • I think the photo is a bit deceptive, she's between a quarter and a third the size of Reggie

  • I brought my new human home at the weeknd. My dog is super quiet and sleeping a lot, he's acting different in the house. Is he just being super good, or perhaps depressed due to change? He's still happy and energetic when walking, and I've made a point to walk him as much and normal and both my wife and I fuss over him. Just a massive change in personality, I'm half expecting him to roll over and die.

  • I've found that with certain types of dogs (my experience is with staffies) they're the baby of the house until there's a new baby at which point they become the protector and they get a bit more 'OK time for me to stop dicking about and help out around the place'.

    I think if you prefer your dog to be more engaged you can fuss over him more, but I think he's just trying to recognise the potential shift in the pecking order - you can communicate to him that his position hasn't changed by continuing to play with him and making a fuss, or you can just accept your New Good Dog as a bonus of having an extra human!

  • Sounds good. Time will tell I guess. He follows my wife and the baby about and when the baby is crying he will come and sit with her. Just didn't expect it with him being 8ish months, but it's a good thing that's for sure. He would kick off st any noise before but didn't make a peep at the baby, stopped jumping up, etc.

  • Not everything is quite sorted yet, but he’s definitely in the right track

    Congratulations on your first year together. Sounds like you're on a similar journey to us, just the best feeling when you see things turning around. Keep up the good work and enjoy!

  • I’ve been looking after John since yesterday afternoon. I’m fostering him until a lovely permanent home is found for him.
    He’s only 4months but he’s been good as gold since he arrived, with the exception of one accident when he first arrived.
    He’s very underweight so I’m feeding him little and often. He’s got so much character!
    Edit: big thanks to @ReekBlefs and @Markyboy for their dog-related advice over the last few weeks 👍🏼

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  • He's beautiful! Who is rehoming him?

  • All Dogs Matter are rehoming him.
    He came to them as a stray yesterday and didn’t get on well in the kennels so they needed a quiet home for him to to stay in until he gets adopted. I was happy to oblige 🙂

  • What a cutie! I'd love to be able to foster dogs but I really don't think I'd be able to let them go when they found a proper home. That and the cat would probably move out.

  • He looks lovely

  • He really is. He's very affectionate and has settled down incredibly quickly, given what a traumatic few days he's had.
    He's a little bit smelly so I've popped out for 20mins and got some sensitive shampoo to give him a bath and get him looking and smelling great for his prospective owner(s)

  • He looks awesome!

  • Top hound! You've done a great thing for this little lad. Fostering is so rewarding.

  • Crumpet really doesn't like the rain.

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  • Well good, and bad news. He is clearly over his depression at the new arrival and back to normal, if not acting up a bit. Hopfully in a few days he will settle!

  • What beautiful colours.

  • This is really funny!

  • I’ve given this lad a bath as he was quite dirty and smelly (the bath water was BROWN afterwards!)
    He’s like a different dog now! So much perkier and happier. It’s lovely!
    Anyway, I finally got a good photo of him. 🙂

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  • Malinois mix of some sort?

    Sounds remarkably balanced if so given he was a stray.

  • The truth is I have no idea!
    He took the bath like a champ. I could tell he wasn’t loving it at the time but he let me pull him about and wash his tail and backside. I’ve taught him to sit with a hand signal and he even sat down in the bath despite REALLY not wanting to
    10/10 legend as far as I am concerned. I’d love to keep him if my circumstances were a bit different

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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