• I'm so sorry. I know you will feel its your fault but please don't blame yourself. I hope you are okay.

  • Shit, I'm so sorry. As long as you gave Calvin a loving and happy life, you didn't fail.

  • So sorry to hear this. Its happened to me and I was devastated.

  • Sorry for your loss.

  • Argh, H, this has brought tears to my eyes. I am so, so sorry.

    I only met you once a long time ago, but I know that Calvin will have had no better home.

    Take the time to be upset.

  • I'm so sorry, that's absolutely awful.

  • Awful to hear, I'm so sorry.

  • So Sorry for your loss

  • Really sad to hear of your loss. RIP pupper x

  • Thanks all-means a lot.

  • That's awful, H. Condolences.

  • I'm so so sorry, that's such sad news. Thoughts are with you

  • I grew up in a quiet village next to the main road in/out with 2 blind corners and tall hedges, I think we lost 5 cats in as many years to it (some had kittens which is why we had so many). I'm very nervous around roads with pets now but we've still had a couple of scares with ours when she's thought it's a fun game to look us in the eye then run in the opposite direction when called.

  • Condolences for your loss.

    Whenever anyone looses a dog it’s extremely tough, when one goes unexpectedly I can only imagine how heartbreaking.

  • I'm so so sorry to read this. You didn't fail him, far from it. Sending you hugs.

  • Thanks again everyone.
    Can you continue posting lovely things about your dogs. I hope they’re all fantastic- and I hate to stop the joy this thread has always brought me.

  • Alright, to get started again. Sadly not a current one but a pair that I grew up with, helping to construct a greenhouse

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  • Lol, flat-out-packing.

  • Birthday party (no pixels!).

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  • A certified good boi.

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  • A very pissed off cattle dog…

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  • My work buddy, Bosco
    He can be a bit distracting, and has been known to walk across my keyboard at inopportune times.

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  • Fucking hell thats a big cone. I bet he is.

  • I took my boy to the land of his ancestors and then we went to the pub

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  • Why the long face, and a cuddle with a guest.

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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