• Double comment.

  • Trim
    I'm sure a Google would validate

  • Weird how there isn't an article about how to trim a female dog's penis hair.


  • I think I'm going to get my boy clipped short ish. His long coat is borderline unmanageable. Everyday I have to rinse him after walking, and we only walk once due to this. Then I have to spend around a half hour brushing him, and even then I stl find matting. I feel that we would both have a better time if he had a 'working cut' I guess I feel guilty for thinking about clipping him.

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  • New pup settling in. From the sublime

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  • To the…

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  • Anyone got experience with dogs having seizures?

    We had a scare on Monday when our boy seem to lose some mobility control and struggle to walk/sit under his own strength before going into a seizure for about 10 seconds or so then roughly 20 seconds later it happening again. Both times he lost control of his bladder although that could have been going on the entire time as I couldn’t see whilst I was holding him up.

    He seemed to recover to his normal self a minute or so after but it was incredibly hard to watch him go through it and felt totally helpless.

    Vets advice was to monitor him for next 24-48 hrs and thanks fully no more seizures. So far no understanding as to why it happened, he is booked in for an appointment at the vet in the next couple of days although waiting in negative Covid tests to be able to take him.

  • My dad's dog has them occasionally, other than the breed bring a little prone to them and they've lived with them mostly fine for years I couldn't tell you much more.

  • I feel your pain.

    We get our spaniel groomed every 10 weeks now, winter is less of a pain even if she finds the only belly deep muddy puddle in an otherwise entirely dry park. We don’t have heaps of trouble with matting though, we get the odd one if we don’t keep up the coat king

  • How to tire out above spaniel

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  • I think I need to do the same with our Mavis - her adult coat is coming in & the longer, finer puppy fluff, whilst being cute, turns to solid clumps after an hour of running about in the mud - she's a twig magnet

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  • Looks very similar! I can empathise with you issues completely.

    So I've done some research, and perhaps I'm having such big issues as he is loosibg his puppy hair, and its not shedding. I have just spend 1h again pulling dead hair and again had a football sized lump, there isn't too much left now. I am going to bare with it for a few more months, work hard to pull his puppy hair out and the hopefully he will be a lot better.

    I used a king coat, a comb and brush.

    We will see. I don't want to cut him short, but if this doesn't work then I will, as it'll be the best thing for his health.

    This is the collection of grooming tools I now have.

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  • Yes. Having done a few hours of reading i think the matting is so bad as his puppy coat has blown but not shedding and its stuck. And I haven't been using a coat king enough, since I just got it. Its been a journey to learn how to groom him. But I feel close to understanding now.

  • Yeah, Mavis is tiny so is right in the firing line for all sorts of debris that gets kicked up - had her out earlier & she came back looking like a pile of hedge clippings... just gave up and cut out the tangles when she was having her post-walk rinse in the sink.

    Looking a bit bedraggled but it'll even out eventually - I'll be keeping the scissors handy! Her puppy coat is really fine & quite curly so it just matts up as she's losing it, even with regular stripping with the coat king it's hard to keep on top of.

  • Our pup is dead.
    I can’t understand or believe it.
    I failed him.

  • Ah shit, hope you're as OK as you can be.

  • I’m not sure if I ever will be. He was the only thing really keeping me together at the moment.

  • oh fuck. Really sorry to hear that

  • What happened if you don't mind me asking?

  • Oh fuck NO. I am the hardest bastard out there and have cried myself silly over every dog I have lost. I really feel your pain, if only there was a way to help, there isn't.

  • Truck.
    We were playing a silly game too near to a road.
    I’m sorry Calvin. I’m so sorry. You were so little. And so loved.

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  • So sorry to hear that

  • That's horrible, it's good he was was loved and it was quick though, RIP good boy.

  • Aw man. So sorry.
    Be kind to yourself, yeah? You didn’t fail.

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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