• Yeah, we’re aware of the mix not exactly that of a docile hound.

  • She's got the same thousand yard stare as my sprollie. If she does recall then your set for a brilliant partnership. Mine still doesn't get it at 17 compounded by complete deafness and cataracts.

  • What they had to say about her.

    “Ariel is a very bright two and a half year old Springer Spaniel, Border Collie, Australian Kelpie mix. She is an active girl who will make the perfect addition to a family that can offer her plenty of both physical and mental stimulation. Ariel is very eager to learn, she already knows her basic commands and would shine in an obedience or agility class. She is very toy and food motivated which will help with further training.
    Ariel would be the perfect candidate for training classes as she is very switched on and it would also help to channel her energy in the right direction.”

  • Fingers crossed we here back and they like the sound of us

  • She looks splendid, I hope it works out.
    Our rescue centre said "he's untested with cats but should be fine". He VERY wasn't. He would go beserk on the lead if there was a squirrel within a square mile of him and hated foxes. Our garden often had all three in it. He was never motivated by food or toys just the chase. If you remember "Fenton!" that's precisely him. If your dog is treat motivated training should be easy. Our dog trainer* (photo), a crufts obedience winner, said she couldn't, in all conscience, continue to take money from us because our dog was beyond hope.😂
    *Di Martin. She's very good.

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  • Plz halp

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  • Decided to try Mavis as an MTB hound - local woods are only a mile away & there's a path just round the corner that goes right there, was worried she would jump up on the bike but turned out she was wary of the noisy freehub & kept a safe distance - could be onto a winner here!

    no obligatory dog / bike photo unfortunately as my phone apparently doesn't operate below 3 degrees...

  • Good luck mate, fingers crossed!

  • This fucker loves the snow so much.

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  • Spam alert

    A friend got this a while back and i think they used it once or twice on their dog before realising it wasn’t the right size.

    Any takers for £15 posted? (£35 new or thereabouts) It’s a size large.

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  • Labradors always look effortlessly cool and never, ever, snore.

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  • Unsuccessful:-(

  • Let me measure Crumpet up and see if we can squeeze her into a large...

  • Yeah go on then! DM incoming.

  • Ha! Amazing

  • Ah that’s shite, sorry mate. Why?

  • Dunno, just got a generic email back…

    Thank you so much for your recent rehoming application.

    We are writing to let you know that sadly, we have not been able to match you with this particular dog on this occasion. We understand this will be a disappointment and wanted to reassure you that we greatly appreciate the time you have given to this process.

    Regretfully, we cannot give individual feedback at this stage. Our team handles over 1100 calls every day and devotes a huge amount of time to managing every rehoming application, as well as caring for our beloved dogs. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

    We’ll keep looking, we’re in no real hurry other than we want a dog, just a shame as the one above sounded to fit the bill perfectly. We’d rather rescue as there are so many.

  • The rescue we got Crumpet through, Underdog International were great with us. Instead of applying for a particular dog, we gave them some info about our living situation and what requirements we had for a dog (good with cats, small children etc) and they matched us with a dog that would fit well. We'd already been disappointed when we weren't successful with an application to adopt another dog from another rescue (that probably wouldn't have been as good a fit as Crumpet).

  • Forever hounds trust (well when it was actually greyhound rescue west of England) took a similar approach with our first hounds. We had actually originally planned to only get one but they matched us with a pair that got on really well and that actually made a lot of sense as the two of them kept each other company while we were at work.

  • Thank you, I’ll see what my partner thinks

  • 10 minutes before 8pm (dinner time) every day!

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  • New pup incoming

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  • Anal glands!

    DIYOUTUBE job or get a pro in?

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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