• pretty sure my dog is a racist now.

    not a good look.

  • Most dogs seem to be, to an extent. Just try not to encourage it.

  • We’re racist (colourist? Peltist?) toward dogs too - black dogs are far more likely to be left un-adopted than other coloured dogs.

    Not me, of course: my best friend is a black dog…

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  • have applied for a couple of dogs now via dogs trust and I've just been fully dingied both times. lame

    this was the most recent candidate. wee cutie

  • She hates kids as well it would seem, so not all bad.

  • Have you heard of the Underheugh Ark? They rescue & re-home all sorts - dogs, cats, chickens, the lot. Might have a bit more sensible rehoming policy than requiring you to be home 24/7 in your secluded walled estate with no other pets or children.

  • My mum's westie tried the play with me pose with a swan once, did not end well for him

  • Daisy's back from the op, she's okay but her wound isn't in the best nick, a bit oozey and we have to take her back in 2 days for a check up but, so glad to have her and her daft shaven tummy back home

  • Anyone on here have any success with resource guarding? The little lad gets himself in such a stupid state sometimes. We popped into town for a couple of hours and left him in his crate with an antler and a Kong (the Stuff a Ball type with kibble slotted in). When we got back he was guarding the Kong and wouldn't leave his crate... Come bed time we had to close his crate and go upstairs. Today is going to be interesting.

  • he sounds like an excellent guard dog. has he left his post yet?

  • I use the bait and switch. I offer something better to give up the thing they are guarding. I've always found it to work. The maybe distraction with some treat training or a game.

  • any recommendation for ear drops? benny has a major potato patch going on in one of his ears...

  • If it’s just to remove wax, over the counter human ones, warmed up first. Do it outside and stand the fuck back when he shakes his head…

  • perfect I can do the gf's as well while i'm out there.

  • Dogs charging aren’t entirely friendly. It’s quite a dominant thing that is often interpreted as a threat by other dogs. Watch out for it around protective breeds.

  • Dogs charging aren’t entirely friendly. It’s quite a dominant thing that is often interpreted as a threat by other dogs. Watch out for it around protective breeds.

    Yup, thanks. This is why we hired a dog trainer to help reduce it. Although apparently in our case its overexcitement rather than a dominance thing.

  • Good shout!

  • What does a dog trainer do? Do they train you, or the dog? Is it valuable?

  • You can get ones that train the dog - like you don't even need to be there, you can send it off for classes. No idea how well that works. But the default is that they train you how to train the dog

  • Interesting. I watched some youtube videos, spoke to some reliable people and cracked on. Wonder what I am missing by not? I wouldn't have someone else train the dog directly, not sure how that would work long term.
    I did see that you can send you dog of for an X duration boot camp, lol.

  • Having a dog trainer is like a personal trainer or coach imo, in that it forces you to do the actual practice lest you look like a fool when you see them.

  • Not a dog behaviourist, but here's my take.

    If you've created a safe environment for him in his crate, then he could well be more protective of food and treats given to him in his crate, plus he's enclosed/cornered and has nowhere to take his prized food, so could be more likely to guard it. What's he like with food given to him outside the crate?

    There are some people who take the view that you should be able to take food off a dog at any time, others see growling as perfectly reasonable (when it's over food) and simply the dog letting you know it wants to be left alone with it's food. I'm not saying the former is wrong, but it does often seem pointless, other than the human trying to prove themselves the "pack leader".

    I had a dog that was very protective of food that he was given. He was fed twice a day and always outside (whatever the weather) and never received anything in the house - and we never had a problem. Yet he was able to distinguish between "his" food (the food he was given in his bowl) and food he scavenged, and would drop on command or let me remove chicken bones from his mouth when on walks.

    Interestingly, he was way less food motivated than my current dog, Reggie, who will eat anything and everything, but never guards or shows no aggression around it.

  • Perhaps the good lesson is: all dogs are wildly different?

    @umop3pisd noted

  • Perhaps the good lesson is: all dogs are differently wild.

  • I don't get that at all. Well, i do, but also i don't. I feel like training our dog is part of the bond we have and as much as it's been a ball ache and he's an idiot and i'm probably crap at it, I'd not have it another way.

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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