• Any old shit, raw is his main diet, but we use regular dog treats on walks.
    We have a couple of big ticket items if we are in a pub for lunch, to keep him quiet for 5 minutes (rabbits ears, or some weird chicken sticks he goes crazy for)

  • also from JR I mostly use their meat sticks for treats, there's nothing else added just meat so I don't feel back about giving her a bunch.

    I have a 10% off code too ref3433762

  • Thanks! Her left ear is an exact match to her Dad and right ear an exact match to her Mums

    Reggie is of course the pinnacle of centre stripe brindle to aspire to. Lovely looking lad.

  • Has anyone got a recommendation for a decent light that'll clip on to a harness that won't get annihilated the minute my 30kg dog starts rolling about like the idiot she is? Or am I better off with a light up collar type thing?

  • This stuff is legit the good shit. Vinbo loves the duck one. Would recommend.

  • Otto loves those pure sticks too but are you guys really comfortable paying £30 for 600g of shitty quality meat in stick form? It's daylight robbery!

    You could buy 6.5kg of chicken breast for that! Fuck you could buy 4kg of pre cooked chicken breast for the same money.

  • I pay less than £4 for 400g of responsibly sourced 100% meat, it's zero faff/waste and the dog loves it.

  • We get through 125g bags of Woofs dried sprats, which seem to be considered high value, and the smell certainly gets his attention. They're about 3 quid from Waitrose and last a good while.

    Their fish skin chews are popular too, but they work out much more expensive given he'd be happy with 3 or 4 tiny (but pungent) sprats.

    Thrive dried duck are also popular, and their liver treats are properly high value so mostly for training or reinforcement (also I vaguely remember you can get too much vitamin A from overdoing liver, but I can't remember if it's a problem for dogs or only pregnant women).

  • I never cease to be amazed by what everyone else seems to spend on their dogs. A pair of labs and a pair of cockers cost me £60 a month for dried food (Dr John's Silver for the labs, Titanium for the cockers), they wolf it down. I would defy anyone to find healthier, glossier, fitter dogs. A treat is telling them what a good dog they are, a bath is a swim in a river, pond or sea. They don't appear to need happiness therapy.

  • The raw food does add up, but he didn't do well on dried.

    The treats don't really though, they're mostly for reinforcement or occasionally distraction, so we're not going through a lot. I think we mostly have a variety because we pick them up from wherever is convenient, and/or on sale, and just because it's more fun.

  • £10/kg for dog food? That’s golf club thread money.

    We pay £1.50 for 500g of raw food. At the end of the day, dogs are scavengers.

  • They are scavengers but they're also carnivores. Which is why dried food doesn't work so well for some dogs.

  • fucking FLEAS! do not want to go away and stay away...
    frontline spot on, capstar tablets, bathing pup, hoovering religiously and spraying flea killers on the list - but three weeks on and they manage to come back pretty much every other day :/

    doesn't help that a usually docile dog becomes and bitey attack monster anytime i try to comb through her fur.

  • you need to bug bomb your house then hoover real good

  • Frontline was useless for us. Fiprotec eliminated them overnight, although we were doing so much other stuff it may have been coincidence.

    Prescription stuff from the vet is likely even better.

  • Prescription stuff from the vet is likely even better.

    Advocate is the only stuff that never fails for me. I don't like to have my dog on it permanently and vets like to give you two options - a) pay a monthly d/d to have it ongoing, b) pay a £40 consultation each time you want it, plus the cost of the treatment.

    Go for a) for 6 months and stockpile it (it has a good shelf life), then stop and re-start when you need it again.

  • thanks for the tips everyone!

  • utter fucking hearstopper today when shithead bolted out of the park entrance and legged it all the way home - to be fair it's about 20 metres from the park exit to our front door but still... pooey pants moment.

  • Eurgh, horrible. Only had one of those so far. My wife had accidentally clipped Odies lead on to the key ring thing that holds his tag on, rather than the proper loop on his collar. I crossed a busy road ahead of my wife and he bolted after me, the lead instantly popping off his collar. Some quick thinking (and I’m guessing dog-owning) woman grabbed him rather deftly by the collar on our side of the road. Heart in mouth. Tears from wife and eldest daughter. Odie happy as anything.

  • christ what a fucking pavlova.

    anyway - lesson learned. Leash is staying on when we get near that exit.

    mildy impressed she made a beeline for the front door and didn't go for a wander.

  • I miss-clipped the lead in exactly this way on a dark night and our terrier shot off after a cat around the back of a random house. About a week later I received a phone call from a rather confused bloke who'd found the loose tag in his back garden :|

  • Make sure you get the Frontline Plus that has to come out of the locked cabinet once you’ve given your name and address. The standard stuff doesn’t work but the Plus is very effective.

  • My mate had that happen a few times with one of their dogs, which is deaf - she'd wander, get confused as she couldn't hear herself being called, and run home. They lived half a mile from Hampstead Heath, but the lucky girl never had a scratch on her.

    One of mine has that instinct, and will occasionally just bolt after something, or nothing, regardless of roads or traffic. We've kept him alive for 7 years, very much against his own will a lot of the time.

  • brill, thanks!

  • First day of the PaleoRidge raw diet for Benny. who famously loves all cooked meat...

    will he eat the food. will he bollocks. one sniff and walked off.

    we're now in a stalemate as he's not getting anything treats until he eats some.

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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