• She is too cute for words

  • On topic: action shot of Crumpet losing her shit at a fox parading along the top of our garden fence. It seems to be intentionally winding her up the little shit.

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  • Great work dude, she's lovely. How long have you had her now?

  • If the fox is there while you both are can you use it as a training opportunity to encourage not barking at them?

  • the amount of fox turds to roll in seem to have increased recently

    You should know better.

  • I didn't say I was complaining

  • Today's lunch time walk was fun, I had to pick Pickles up and hold her above my head while two very boisterous American Staffy looking things were bullying her. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that they weren't going to actually attack her but those things are a menace and I wouldn't want to find out for sure. Of course the owner is currently facetiming someone, not paying a tiny bit of attention, no leads in sight and the helpful comment "they just don't listen to me".

  • N = at least 2 here.

    Mars attempted to roll in it twice yesterday on a walk to the pub via hackney marshes. The second one came almost immediately after he’d been cleaned up with a mixture of wet leaves and toilet paper borrowed from a pub we were walking past

  • We should do really! My girlfriend is the one home during the day and struggles to respond consistently with what Crumpet is up to, depending on what she's got on at work. She can't easily dip out of meetings etc every time Crumpet barks at something. She's slowly getting better with delivery people etc but she still goes absolutely mental if a cat other than our own or a fox comes anywhere near the garden.

  • Thank you! We've had her nearly three and a half months now

  • That's really good going if you're getting positive results already. I've got my own little bundle of reactive stress and i've found words of encouragement from people on here really helpful whenever it gets a little overwhelming. Feel free to drop me a line whenever the dog poop hits the fan.

  • absolutely mental if a cat other than our own or a fox comes anywhere near the garden

    Do you remember that scene in Casino Royale when Bond is chasing a free-runner and decides going through the wall would be simpler than going over? Nori taught him that.

  • That's lovely, thank you

  • Quick pic from our 6:30am walk.

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  • Hairdo complete - there was a terrifying moment when I walked in thinking the girl was blow drying some comedy poodle that looked like Bob Ross before I realized it was Mavis, thankfully we got caught in the rain on the way back & it calmed down a bit. Either way it's the first I've seen her eyes in months, much better, even if they did shave her arse into the bargain.

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  • My dogs bollocks have yet to make an appearance.

    Before we collected him we were informed that a vet had given all the puppies the once over (she was actually getting one of the litter and gave a cursory health check to all) and that she had detected his nards.
    Since we bought him home he has had 3 vets check-ups (all part of our insurance) and they mentioned each time they couldn't find his pips, but were not overly worried as they might come for next time.
    He is approaching 4 months old, and Dr Google suggests they should have madea guest appearance by now.
    I am not overly worried, as he is still in the window of developing them, but I am aware there is a chance they will not descend at all, and he may need surgery to have them removed.

    Anyone been through this? (with a dog, I have a mate who had an undescended testicle, sio am aware of the human event)

  • I think my little man got a ball drop at 5 months. I still can't feel the other yet. He's 6 months now, so I will have him snipped soon, need to go to the vet and see the deal.

  • Yep. Give it a year, if not you’ll need surgery to find and remove them. Any undescended testicle presents a cancer risk. You should let the breeder know as it’s apparently hereditary and they should reconsider their “breeding programme”.

  • For those on the Raw thing- what do you do for training treats?
    I'm aware that most treats contain the thing we're trying to avoid giving the little rascal- and not sure he's benefitting from continuing the treats.

  • We give Otto any old shit tbh. Whatever is super tasty and high value. That can be a bit of chicken, a dog biscuit or a tiny piece of cheese.

    That said, the moment you realise that supermarket chicken breast is cheaper than dog treats it does start to get you thinking. We have been known to bake a tray of chicken and chop into little bags to put in the freezer. Works out a fraction of the price of a dog specific training treat weight for weight.

  • Really happy with this stuff, don't be fooled by the term pate, it cuts easily into neat little cubes.

    Not great on toast though.


  • I get everything from there. Just got her some turkey pate along with some cow hooves too. She loves them.

  • ah we got an order from them today!
    (but not Pate- pigs ears, hoofs and the training treats)

  • Nice, my behaviourist recommended it and i can cut it into trivial pursuit shapes that fit easily through Nori's muzzle.

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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