• Yep, rip him
    Some make it to 20+
    Your doggo looks the biz, all the love :)

  • If it carries on with the same leg, you might want to get it checked for his ACL. Probably nothing, but keep an eye on it.

  • So many foxes about at the moment!
    Odie’s woofing in the night loads, when they saunter into our garden.

    I came downstairs to find this one on my neighbours shed. Didn’t bat an eyelid when I marched in to the garden, but then it’s clearly possessed by a 10,000 year old demon who feeds on the nervous energy of riled up dogs.

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  • How did get up there? Other than dark magic obviously.

    We're lucky to have minimal foxes despite being pretty rural - there's no access to our garden other than through the house & same on the other side of the block so it's fairly secure, this is useful as Mavis sometimes takes a notion to "play" with the chickens resulting in them squeezing under the shed in a panic & vanishing for days at a time.

    Mavis is going for her first big girl haircut tomorrow, current state: mop. I have been charged with taking her & describing exactly what my wife wants, this could be interesting.

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  • Calvin (ours) and Hobbes (parents).
    4m and 3y.
    We already have exceeded the size the vet thought he’d be.
    About to start on the raw diet journey as well. Not sure if a good idea or not.
    He’s so good, but a real handful as well.

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  • Be careful with raw diets, they can lead to diseases since some food is not of the same grade as say, a sushi restaurant.

  • If your experience is anything like ours, you'll be glad you got them into a raw diet within a week or two. The difference was night and day for us.

  • The difference was night and day for us.

    Any more on this? In what way were they different?

  • In my experience - easier to keep them at the right weight, reduced chance of bloat, better teeth, better hydrated, good energy, better coat and shit that’s easy to pick up…

  • Increased energy levels, increased coat shine, reduced shedding, less coat smell, better breath (from bone in diet cleaning teeth), reduced flatulence, less frequent but firmer less smelly and smaller poos, sudden disappearance of skin allergies.

    Those were the relatively quick improvements. Four years on, we have some unprovable theories that his long term diet has improved his long term health but that could of course be nonsense.

  • shit that’s easy to pick up…

    Otto's walkers actually compliment us for the "quality" of his poos. 😂

  • Anoher thing spring to mind. I'm not sure it's exactly a benefit but Otto drinks far less on a raw diet. Even on hot days. Just the occasional slurp from a water bowl.

  • Yep, that’s what I meant by better hydrated. They get good water content from the food.

  • our puppy has been on raw since giving up the tit.
    Shits are dry and easy to pick up.
    Doesn't have deathly gas either.
    Its all he has known but loves them, cant comment on health/ activity changes but he is happy and energetic.

    Natures Menu (i think) frozen pellets, he gets 7 nuggets each meal (3 a day) which is increasing 1 / week until he is 6 months old, then it tapers off to less when he is fully grown.

    I get tomorrows out of the freezer before bed, and leave them in the fridge.

  • Few recent snaps of Scout.

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  • Thanks both. I've estimated she's on about £4 a day with a combo of wet and dry, both decent quality products. Possible to feed on a raw diet for a similar budget (she's 27-28kg)? Ideally using a brand that has some transparency on where the meat comes from.

  • So we’re using naturaw for that reason, and on strength of recommendation from the farmers down south west.
    It is more expensive,
    Puppy cost is 70£ for 15 days of food currently.

  • We started off on Nature's Menu and it was a big improvement but switching to Paleoridge improved things even more. There's quite a lot of non meat stuff in Nature's Menu. They've also had to rebrand more than once due to contamination scandals.

  • Just used the Paleoridge meal size calculator and it says a dog of 28kg should be getting about 600g of their raw food per day, which works out at about £2.22 per day.

    Fun fact. The person who founded Nature's Menu owns Paleoridge. She sold out to a pet food company and quit when they compromised the quality and quantity of meat in Nature's Menu food. Paleoridge was created in response.

  • Daisy is now 6 months.

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  • In other news. Watch them like hawks if running together. Especially if one is a 45kg Labradoodle

    (My fractured tibia)

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  • Any food guys?

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  • Interesting about the raw diet I didn't know about that. I do feed my boy royal canin and his poos are solid and no farts. I also use chicken as a training treat plus give him bones when he's being annoying.

  • Good to know.
    Our vets recommended the Nature Menu (and raw is a requirement of our pet insurance, also with the vets*)
    Will investigate Paleoridge.

    *Not a scam, they offer other brands and give a discount on stuff bought in their shop, but it isn't mandated, we can get our food from wherever, just convience to get it at the vets (he has monthly check ups included)

  • So many vets have done deals with royal canin…

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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