• Incredibly sweet. :)

  • Aww man - I’m biased but he’s adorable. Similar colours and coat to ours too! Proper pup.

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  • The closest I've got to a nice photo of Crumpet. Dogs are minging.

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  • Such a great looking dog. Hoping one day Nori will be ready to come say hi in one of our local spots

  • OUr puppy has had his first week of walks, and he is a massive sub.
    Every dog he meets he ends up throwing himself onto his back in a submissive play.

    We have also been to 2 puppy training/ social classes and he is just as much of a wimp there too.
    Even with dogs that aren't that playful.

    Hoping he grows out of it, he seems to want to play, but doesn't know how.

  • He'll pick it up, mine does the same. It's better when she meets one her own age/size but any bigger dogs she immediately rolls over.

  • It think its pretty normal for very young pups to behave like that at first. He's just working out what is what. Just keep at the socialisation as much as possible and he'll figure life out.

  • Otto got stang off a bee again today. Twice in two weeks. Plonker.

  • Some breeds are naturally like that too. My (female) spaniels do it every time even as adults and it’s never caused a problem.

  • our daschund is utterly fucking fearless. any dog, any size is her best mate. same goes for people - which is a bit of a worry because there's not much stopping some thieving cunt from scooping her up and legging it.

  • Thanks for the reassurances, we are not overly worried, he is only young (and small) and it was his 1st week of freedom.
    (He is a border terrier, so was expecting a bit more feistiness, I am sure it will come)
    Loves people and will go to anyone, but dogs he whimpers, cowers and goes all sub.
    Seems to enjoy it though, his tail is wagging most of the time.

    Previously we had a Border Terrier x JRT, who was absolutely fearless, and used to escape from the "small dog/ puppy" section in day care to go mess with the big dogs.

  • Some breeds are naturally like that too. My (female) spaniels do it every time even as adults and it’s never caused a problem.

    Now you've mentioned it, it does seem like every spaniel we meet does the same!

  • Awww mate is jet comming home with you soon???

  • For boring reasons I won't go into Benny is currently living with us back at our flat in london and not at my mums in brighton, dogs aren't allowed by the streets housing assoc. but as they haven't given us straight accounts in nearly 7 years and keep re-incorporating themselves and have charged us £400 for documents we need to complete our sale and then told the buyers solicitors "we dont have any of the documents you requested" we're not particularly bothered and benny now barks for like 5 seconds maybe 3 times a day tops (dogs in neighbouring gardens bark incessantly every day anyways) otherwise you'd never guess he was here and we'll be gone in less than 8 weeks.

    Except as of tonight it appears we may have found ourselves on the radar of the mentally unstable woman who lives below our neighbor. who is convinced said neighbour is spying on her and has hacked her emails and he breaks into her flat while she is home by crawling down through a hole in the ceiling of her bathroom which she can't find. who has left bags of shopping outside the building entrance for a week and then angrily called my gf a cunt for "stealing" it when they disappeared, despite the bags moving in and out of the entrance door multiple times on days she has definitely been in the building (I assume they are her trying to "sting" the neighbour so she can get him for the theft).

    well tonight on the mid point of the final set of stairs up to our floor sometime between 6pm and 8pm a puddle of urine has appeared (confirmed with a less than desirable nasal proximity) in a large amount and very much in a splash pattern that looks like it was poured back and forth from a container (or a dog bennys size would have to have moved 2 feet fore and aft mid flow). Which I am assuming is her gambit to then be able to complain about the dog to the housing assoc.

    with no other animals in the block, no young kids who may be a bit pee free, just us, the cool neighbour and his family, the mad witch and opposite the quietest man ever who I've met only twice in 9 years and is definitely not the "throw your pee around" kind of person. there's not really any other immediately obvious sources.

    Luckily I still had a spray bottle of the urine destroyer stuff we used when benny was being toilet trained so I've hit the whole area with that so we dont end up living in a public toilet and just waiting for the inevitable complaint to arrive.

    has also worried me about risk of her leaving poisons out in the halls for him now though.

  • I’d take photographic evidence of any of her gambits in the future. Maybe keep a diary and possibly contact the HA detailing your concerns about her (maybe leaving out the dog-related stuff). If only to have a paper trail established.

  • I'd report the phantom pisser

  • We had a phantom pisser in our stairwell last week.

    There are three dogs in this part of the building.

    1) Otto...I know it wasn't him because he was with me the whole time.
    2) Harvey...8 year old Frenchie who has never pissed indoors according to the owners (I believe them).
    3) Oliver... 13 week old Corgi who is not fully toilet trained who lives in a flatshare and is looked after by four 20 year olds who very obviously forget to take him out for toilet breaks on a fairly regular basis and who I have seen pissing in our stairwell with my own eyes.

    Of course, Oliver's owners deny all knowledge.

    Who in their right mind would let their puppy piss in a communal stairwell and then not clean it up?

  • Who in their right mind would let their puppy piss in a communal stairwell and then not clean it up?

    four 20 year olds who very obviously forget to take him out for toilet breaks on a fairly regular basis and who you have seen pissing in our stairwell with your own eyes :-D

  • But they say it wasn't them and must be somebody else. Are you suggesting that they're lying? Shame on you.

  • 'ah well, when the footage comes back from the stairwell camera, we'll find the phantom pisser I guess'

    Gauge reaction

  • Found a husky! No tags or anything, trying to reunite her with her people rather than take her to the shelter.

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  • If you can, get her to a vet so they can scan the chip she hopefully has!

  • Crikey you and benny have a rough time of it.

  • Yeah, I'll take her to Petco at lunch, they can scan. I wallpapered the neighborhood where I found her with posters yesterday and stuck up notes online. I suspect she won't have a chip, alas.

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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