• Yesterday morning Pheebs found some rotting remains of a Possum on our walk, she normally doesn't bother but when i saw here like this in the evening i knew she had a dodgy stomach - she only ever curls up this tightly if she's sick.

    An hour later she had spewed all over the living room. She seemed fine afterwards but I got a bit worried because even though possums are commonly trapped here, there are a minority of people who would poison them.

    I got up in the night and checked on her (she was fine) and she's been fine since luckily and is back to being her usual ratbag self.

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  • Here’s my Madge chilling in the sun and largely back to normal, albeit with a Frankenstein style row of stitches.

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  • Crikey, that wound is horrible. A terrifying experience. Hope Madge continues to recover well.

  • Christ that's a hell of a wound hey. I hope it heals nicely for her.

  • Glad to see that Madge is recovering well, I hope you and your partner are too. Our dog, Lochan, was attacked in a similarly unprovoked way (as reported somewhere up thread) so I know how horrific and upsetting it is. She's healed well but can be barky if she's feels threatened especially when we go past the area of the attack. She's definitely getting better so I guess it'll just take time.

    Good luck with the police too - have they got back to you?

  • It sure does look horrendous, and I took that photo deliberately to try and partly hide it, I don’t want to be throwing negativity over this mostly lovely thread.

    It remains to be seen if she’s gonna change her behaviour / reaction to other dogs, but I am so happy and amazed how resilient she is: even with that wound & experience, she’s very close to normal levels of excitement interest and energy. We just have to be super careful about touching her in that area.

    I’m healing up too, thanks, local hospital to me are brilliant, only moved here three weeks ago. They’ve booked me in every couple of days to check wound, make sure it’s not getting infected. The anti bios are doing the job, but the side effects are grim. (Rusty water)

    The police do seem very interested in it, having said that I just read an email from the PC doing it and he wants to “talk to me about the investigation”

    Once again, thanks all for the support

  • My latest challenge. Protests while walking.

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  • Is this to avoid leaving the park?

  • Because if so, snap. (Excuse ropey screenshot).

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  • It's usually on the way there! I think it's when she wants to go the other way but I won't let her or if we leave the building then try and cross the road straight away rather than going to sniff the little patch of grass by the door.

  • Hahaha such a protest.

  • Ha ha! Crumpet also throws a tantrum on the way to the park if she's not allowed to poke her head in to the gym that's on the way to see if the owner's beagle is about.

  • Does anyone know where we can buy some dog food? As you can see, Crumpet is starving.

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  • Frosty yesterday

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  • I saw a little dachshund do that the other day on a zebra crossing in Pomeroy Street. A woman was trying to get him to go on, and a van driver from the other direction to me who had stopped was laughing, even though he had to wait a while. It was pretty funny, to be fair. So much like human toddlers.

  • Randomly got bitten by a staff and it shit me up a bit see grainy pic attached, exhibit a.

    Recently been spending a bit of time with my friends staff and he is just the coolest, exhibit b, such a shame some people train them to be aggressive.

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  • Exhibit A

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  • Great photo!

  • Had a long chat with the Basenji breeder, both decided it's not gonna be a good fit for us so the quest continues! Looks like we're going down the cavoodle route now... Maybe? Who knows?

    OH's cousin has got another staffy, we met her at the weekend and she's absolutely adorable... Her uncle's getting a Blue Heeler in a couple of weeks as well, it's all happening with her lot!

  • TRIGGER WARNING: suicide-related post

    Fuck. Mrs D walked Odie this morning, a bit later than usual. Turned out someone had hanged themselves in a bit of woods that we always take him through.

    Another dog Walker we know saw her and warned her not to go through that bit as police were there and I don’t think they’d had time to move the person. Just so desperately sad. I also feel for the lady who found the person while walking her dog. Mrs D saw her and she was a wreck, as you can imagine.

    Fairly high chance it could have been Mrs D, had she left at the usual time we take Odie out.

  • Fucking hell, that's horrendous, so sad. Hope Mrs D is relatively ok! I imagine it's going to be hard walking through those woods for a little while, knowing what's happened there.

  • Bosco on his daybed.

    Tomorrow is his freedom day and gets to go on his 1st walk.
    Saturday he goes to puppy social to meet loads of fellow small dogs.

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  • She’s fine, but I think I might take Odie out on all his walks the next few days.

  • 'Do noble hound'.

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  • Lovely pack, probably a bit of a handful :) Really looks like their natural environment there.

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