• Thanks all, and again, I really do appreciate the understanding and using this place to rant a bit helps me a lot.

    I just heard from the police, they do seem to be very interested in a prosecution, got to go do a full statement, hand over texts and photos etc. I think having an indépendant witness who “saw it all” is super handy.

    Poor old Madge is obviously very injured, scarred and scared, I honestly thought I was gonna lose her earlier today as she just wouldn’t settle and whined all the time, but did perk up massively in expectation when I got a sausage roll out for my lunch, and that’s standard Madge ( said in full knowledge and reference to the bad owner = dig behaviour debate above)

    Once again guys, means a lot and thanks for all your concerns internet friends

  • You may not agree with much of what I say, but I struggle to understand how this comment is helpful. What are the lies you're referring to?

    I appreciate it's not a helpful comment but it was in direct response to:

    "I didn't say the AKC and others recognise the pit bull, I said it is the Amstaff...

    Unfortunately, you haven't got a clue what you're talking about and, if you're using Wikipedia as your source, then I'm not surprised. It's too late to explain and you wouldn't be interested, which is of course your prerogative."

    "Bulldogs got their name from fighting bulls, they're the most dangerous type of dog by far. I don't care if someone's bred some to have shorter legs and made up a new name for it."

    Markyboy :
    "Lol, how can you get so much wrong in two sentences?"

    I've shown that the American Staffy is the Pit Bull, they're the same dog, some people may have tried to breed different branches of them since they were first introduced to the USA but claiming they're different is wrong.

    I've also shown that pit bull type dogs have the greatest history of violence towards other dogs and people. So both my points were factually correct.

    Our point of disagreement here is whether american staffys, american bulldogs, american XLs, bull terriers etc are different dogs and I'd argue that they aren't at all, sure some may have a bit of Mastiff in them to make them taller or whatever but the traits of the breed continue. The only ones I'd separate out are the original, pre-terrier bulldogs. The only genuine reason I can think of for people trying to claim a current American Staffy is totally not a pit bull is to try and deny their dangerous genetics.

  • Kurdish Kangal

    Actually I have, massive thing, I thought it was some kind of Great Dane x Lab before talking to the owner. It really wanted to play with Pickles but she was a bit scared probably seeing as she barely reached it's knees.

  • I met some kangals in Kyrgyzstan, working ones. Not much fun.

  • I've shown that the American Staffy is the Pit Bull, they're the same dog

    It's your opinion, but I don't see how you've shown it. Different size, different shape, different structure - similar but not the same. A bit like Vizslas and Weimaraners.

    The only genuine reason I can think of for people trying to claim a current American Staffy is totally not a pit bull is to try and deny their dangerous genetics.

    Actually, not far off. People in the UK who are breeding pits (and there's not many) and are stupid enough to be selling them online, will call them American Bullies or Amstaffs to try to get around the DDA. They're still different :)

  • Good news that they're going to follow up.

    Good news on Madge too, I hope she continues to recover.

  • Otto had over 40 sutures and a chest drain for a dog bite at the beginning of last year and we were beside ourselves with worry for him.

    They're more resilient than we realise though
    He ultimately took it in his stride and bounced back with no residual problems. Hope the same happens for you guys.

  • Caucasian Ovcharka

    I think I may have seen one of these recently. Massive animal, looked bigger than the one in the Wikipedia picture. He looked like some kind of dog lion, with quite a mane, and seemed very docile, possibly older. No risk, as he was behind a fence and only seemed to show some friendly interest in me and the friends I'd just randomly bumped into.

    Obviously, as I don't know the first thing about dogs, it may have been a different breed, and I couldn't quite hear what the guy who went inside the building said in reply to my friend's question.

  • All the best for Madge.

  • what a fucking nightmare - that story has shit me right up.

    we've become quite chummy with the local dog people in the park over the road, everyone refers to each other by the name of their respective pooches, it's all a bit sweet / cliquey but all very mutually supportive - there's a whatsapp group we've been invited to ffs. that said - there's still the risk of some nobber bringing their devildog to the park and i'm not sure our little one has quite gotten on top of her recall yet to the point that she'd come running straight away if we hollered for her.

    might keep her on the leash a bit more than we ordinarily would for the time being.

  • It's your opinion, but I don't see how you've shown it

    Ok so here in England we had the Old English Bulldog used for bull baiting. That got made illegal so people moved on to dog fighting and started breeding the bulldog with the Old English Terrier to create a more aggressive dog for fighting. Those new cross breed dogs were called the Staffordshire Terrier or Pit Bull, litereally bulldogs that fight in a pit, and some were taken over to the USA in the late C19th.
    Back here in England one man in particular decided to try and breed our Staffordshire Terriers to be more docile and better companions. In the USA they did not do that. It's why the English and American Staffys look different. Sure in the 100 years since they were first introduced some have tried to create a distinction between "pit bulls" and staffys and looking at the statistics I'd agree that the American Staffy does seem to be responsible for less attacks than that regarded as a pure Pit Bull, but that doesn't mean the Am Staffy doesn't still have it within itself and again the statistics back that up.

    None of this is hidden info, it's all there to read and I put links to a bunch of it.

  • That history, even though many would dispute it, doesn't say what you're claiming.

  • Anyway, a meeting beckons, so I need to do some work rather than debate something I doubt we're going to agree on.

  • Literally nowhere disputes that the Am Staff and Pit Bull are very closely related, so please, educate me. Where did the Am Staff come from?

  • @allshookup a horrible ordeal for anyone to go through. Hope Madge continues to perk up and not have too deep mental scars and enjoys her walks.

  • The entirely food led Staf x Eng Bull that my parents are currently fostering.

    My gf and I were walking her off the lead recently in some woods when we passed an old couple who were blackberry picking, turn round to see where she was/call her to see her head deep in their blackberry bucket aggressively scoffing their harvest.

    The att photo is one my mum sent yesterday after loading the dishwasher to find this when her back was turned

    1 Attachment

    • FF344479-167B-4AF9-BCD6-AC5EEEB024CF.jpeg
  • My old Staff (rip) used to take me to each of the Blackberry bushes on our regular walk and wait for me to pick them for her.

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    • IMG_20170805_204008_018.jpg
  • Blackberries as a dog treat was a new one on me.

    Flash (or Pudding as my parents have taken to calling her) has been on a diet since arriving with them a few months back. She’s lost 1/2 stone in weight

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    • 8E6A5A29-67D9-4CBC-BA59-5E42992BF8AF.jpeg
  • My lot pick their own blackberries, very gently using their lips rather than their teeth. Next month we will have a fine crop of purple dog shit.

  • Yeah she used to pick her own using the same method until they were all eaten then it became my job.

    She also used to go out the dog flap v early and clean the gooseberry bushes. Took me a while to work out why no gooseberrys below 2 ft.

  • Daisy is now 5 months and doing great

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  • The tongue out is great. And that longing look. Sweet picture. (RIP.)

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