• Dog-sitting this weekend

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  • That’s a wolf mate.

  • a very polite looking wolf though.

  • Calvin and Hobbes.
    Years of planning.
    I’d not seen Hobbes (parents’ dog) for a little bit and he is now a proper working lab size. (To the point where I’d went round the previous day and genuinely didn’t quite recognise him as the Hobbes I remember).
    Luckily the big guy is just a bundle of affection so he treated the pup gently and just wanted to play.
    A great start that.

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  • Wolf-sitting continues

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  • Got. Log. Happy.

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  • Call of the wild…

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  • Some cracking doggo photos in this thread lately!

    (Was going to say ‘dog porn’ but it didn’t sound right…..)

  • A slightly windswept Mavis at the weekend there - so wind, much hairy.

    Now completely uncatchable when shennanigans mode is engaged, almost had me in tears one night at the pre-bedtime garden shredding session, every time I tried to grab her she just bounced 2 feet backwards without moving a muscle, like a glitch in the matrix...

  • Back at the seaside. Odie seems to love it a little more each time we come.

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  • I love her and anyone that tries to come between us I'll fucking cut you.


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  • It’s sadly mine and my dog’s turn with a horrible story of dog attack. Out for a sunny evening walk, about an hour into it,someone coming toward us on sea wall path, their dog on a lead…all good until suddenly they’re shouting as their dog now pelting toward us in attack mode, I tried unsuccessfully to stand between, the dog went straight through me and the wife and clamped on to my dog. Jaws locked snarling, such massive aggression, i punched and kicked the fuck out of it as my poor elderly sweet natured girl “screamed”. We (the owner) got it off after a bit. our dog left with massive trauma (2nd time this has happened to her) and massive torn wound, I’ve got dog bites and puncture wounds on my legs. I just despair, I really do. Why would anyone have a need to have a hyper aggressive dog capable of this? To be fair she (owner) was super apologetic and says she will pay the vet bill. I heard it all “never done this before” “the lead broke” “it can’t wear a muzzle” all that shit, while looking at my lovely old bleeding dog, crying wife and my own cuts.
    I have reported it to the police and have been to a&e for treatment. I am a dog lover but right now I feel that beast of an animal needs putting down.

  • What a terrible turn of events, i'm so sorry it happened to you.

    What breed of dog was it? Why can't it wear a muzzle?

  • Awful, hope yours comes through OK.
    I've been reading about so many attacks by pit bull type dogs recently, apparently there's been a big increase in "American Staffy" imports which are basically pit bulls with a different name. Someone's mini poodle got killed in East London a couple of days ago too. I'm turning hyper aware for for my little one because I don't think she even knows how to defend herself and there's some real shady people around my area.

    One thing that really pissed me off the other day, I was throwing a tennis ball for mine, not very far cos she's lazy, and someone starts calling to me from a distance away. I ignored it at first because I didn't realise it was to me but when I turned around it was a middle aged frail looking woman with a massive staffy, must have been crossed with something else, that was pulling her along. We made eye contact and she just gestured to her dog and that was enough for me to know that I don't want mine anywhere near hers. It's such a bullshit situation that people can be walking around with dogs so dangerous they need to warn others of their approach and even more bullshit that if you know yours is like that to then walk it around without at least a muzzle.

  • Shit, this is a horrible and very familiar situation. Well done for reporting it - it woud be covered under the Dangerous Dogs Act, the dog being "dangerously out of control".

  • "American Staffy" imports which are basically pit bulls with a different name.

    This statement simply is not true. The American Staffordshire Terrier is a breed of dog, quite distinct from the pit bull (American Pit Bull Terrier), recognised by the different US equivalents of the Kennel Club. It is not a pit bull, but a show dog. I very much doubt they are being imported to the UK in any significant numbers. It is American Bullies and XL Bullies (as opposed to American Bulldogs) that have been imported and are currently popular in the UK, but this is a different breed and, again, not a pit bull, but often owned by people who wish they could own a pit bull.

    I've been reading about so many attacks by pit bull type dogs recently

    What do you mean by a "pit bull type"? Most journalists/people, couldn't recognise a pit bull if it licked their hand and pretty much every story I read (e.g. the Scottish RSPCA recent petition to repeal the Dangerous Dogs Act) is accompanied by a photo of a vicious looking dog, labelled a pit bull, which is not actually a pit bull.

    If the woman you mention in your anectdote had her dog on a lead and gestured for you to keep your dog away, then she was acting responsibly if her dog is reactive (which it could be for any number of reasons).

    Apologies for coming across as defensive, but I get tired of this kind of misinformation.

  • From top to bottom - American Stafford, American Bully, Pit Bull

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  • As far as I'm aware the American Kennel Club doesn't recognise a specific breed breed American Pit Bull and it's a term used for a few very simar breeds including the American Staffy. Wikipedia seems to agree with me too.

    You may not care for grouping of similar dogs but equally I'm not interested in trying to specify out one type of dog bred for fighting from another very similar one especially when there's been so much mixed breeding. You know what I mean by pit bull type, a small pure breed English staffy looks slightly different but when they get bigger and leaner it doesn't matter the exact genetics, they're essentially a pit bull. American bulldog, American bully, American XL, whatever, they're all from the same root and all have the same potential to kill.

  • I didn't say the AKC and others recognise the pit bull, I said it is the Amstaff...

    Unfortunately, you haven't got a clue what you're talking about and, if you're using Wikipedia as your source, then I'm not surprised. It's too late to explain and you wouldn't be interested, which is of course your prerogative.

  • Yup, don't care. Bulldogs got their name from fighting bulls, they're the most dangerous type of dog by far. I don't care if someone's bred some to have shorter legs and made up a new name for it.

  • Lol, how can you get so much wrong in two sentences?

    Anyway, out of respect for the poster whose dog suffered a horrible attack, I suggest stopping here.

  • Many breeds have the potential to kill, my bloody great labs certainly could and my cockers would do considerable damage. There seems to be some confusion between dangerous owners, who are dangerous for reasons of their own attitude or incompetence and dogs which are inherently dangerous. A lot of the bad press bull breeds get is down to bad ownership, some of the nicest dogs I have met are allegedly sharks on a leash. I am sure I have said before that the nastiest dog I have ever seen was a Yorkie called Cleo (complete with bow) which would have maimed thousands if equipped with larger jaws.

  • Really sorry to read this. I hope your dog makes a swift recovery, physically and mentally.

    The other dog needs dealing with (I don't know whats approproate) and such owners not allowed to have dogs.

  • Thanks all, and I appreciate all your thoughts. It’s an experience that I don’t want again! I feel strongly that the offending dog needs sorting, and at least the owner was decent enough to give me her details and paid the vet bill straightaway. Still cunts for having a dog that they know is massive aggressive and being out in public unmuzzled.

  • It’s the fact that you got bitten, rather than your dog, and required hospital treatment that will get action from the police. You will still probably have to push them. Good luck, it’s a horrible situation.

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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