• build the cat a wall loft type sanctuary where it can look down on everyone and judge and let the pup snuggle on the sofa you monster, just put a small footstool so she can step up easier.

  • Is she right on the boundary or something?

    The pack from today says 4-10 kg and she's 5 kg and already quite skinny. She'd end up shivering in an RSPCA ad if she dropped a kilo.

    Recommendations for a better vet around Archway-ish? Currently with the local Medivet franchise.

  • chewychew = squeaky plastic toy bone to serve as a distraction, but yeah - your plan seems effective.

    there's a fuckton of contradictory "help" out there.

    long game!

  • We used Village Vets in Hampstead originally, but found Medivet Kentish Town to be as good for a fraction of the price. But all franchises are unequal - where we are now, Rotherhithe isn't great, Camberwell much better.

  • we pay an annual petcare plan to the vets which covers annual vaccinations, worm and flea tablets, a yearly health check and a discount on all vets services for £180/yr.

    that's with coastway vets down on the south coast (brighton), it's a good service but these guys in particular can be lax on letting you know when you're meant to be getting all these benefits so you have to manage it all yourself which feels like a minor piss-take for the money it costs.

  • I’m going to get a new dog bed but needs to have a roof so it’s completely closed, is that a thing? Our dog needs to be in darkness otherwise he wakes up early and barks

  • Get a crate a put a blanket on it. You don’t have to shut the door.

  • We’ve got a crate and blanket at the moment. But it still lets in light. Also would put a thicker blanket on but don’t want him getting too hot n the summer

  • You're describing a kennel, right?

  • I hear you. We’ve left our spaniel’s crate door open in the heat. She thinks that’s an invite to paw at our door at 4.15.

    ‘It’s light so they must want to play.’

  • Ideally his bed would have a short tunnel and then the bed. And be total darkness

  • I get untill 6:30. Feel for you.

    Amazing how good his internal clock it.

  • Ours decide it's time to get up at around 6 at the moment. The older one jumps on the bed, but the pup just goes back to sleep in his upstairs bed on the landing which is obviously very different to the one downstairs.

  • Went for this in the end. I can put something dark over the front so it’s completely dark in there for him. He’s normally up about 0830. But that’s way too early.

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  • about 5 months ago Benny (1.5yrs old then) started being able to hold his bladder much better overnight finally.

    Used to be that even with a quick wee at 11pm-ish he would have me up about 5am some days needing to go out otherwise he'd be letting us know it was time no later than 7.30am. now he tends to sleep through to 8.30/9am if left undisturbed every day.

  • Get a crate and then a crate cover. Can be collapsed, moved, used for training, covered, uncovered, sides rolled up, easy to clean etc etc

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  • Met this little pup last week, should be coming to love* with us in 2 weeks.

    Border Terrier, named Bosco.

    *Live, but I'll keep the typo as it seems appropriate

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  • Fab, BTs are great

  • He looks lovely.

  • And don't forget the laughs you'll have together.

  • Guess who found an ant nest

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  • Very cute! I do like a border terrier.

  • How did that go?

  • well she enjoyed it at least

  • I'm pretty sure Crumpet and our cat, Blue have got some sort of agreement that one of them will be moulting at all times. I hoover the house before I go to work, my girlfriend hoovers in the middle of the day and I come home and everything needs hoovering again. Absolutely mental.

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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