• we use the vertical chest strap on bennys k9 harness and i think it does help spread the pressure better

  • Any suggestions for a beach for a day-trip from Ldn which is dog-friendly in the summertime? Reachable by car or preferably train.

  • my mum takes the dog to shoreham beach daily (just a short drive past brighton along coast)

  • If you didn't mind a 2.5hr drive, Sizewell Beach in Suffolk is dog heaven and well worth a day trip.

    Can also recommend Sandwich Bay beach which much closer. It's on a private estate and you have to pay an entry fee but the advantage is that it is deserted even in summer so it's worth consideration.

  • There's a 4-year old human as well, so defo not wanting a 5 hr round trip! But have been looking at Kent coast and haven't been to Sandwich, so that may be a good option, thanks!

  • Wrabness, just near harwich. More of an estuary really, but completely beach-like with stunning views of the stour and the “house for essex” and nobody gives a fuck about dogs / no dogs. It’s a small walk down a track, part of the fun of it of course with the dog. Also a smashing woods nearby for cooler walking.

  • The open golf tournament is in sandwich at the moment, best avoided for a few days!

  • ^ good point, well made.

  • I worked on grounds at a golf club in my late teens and a big Alsatian owned by a lad at my school would get onto the course about three times a day and pick up balls before running round with them in his chops like he’d won the lottery.

    He wasn’t the sort of dog you’d confront to get it back. Cue lots of Jaguar-driving dickheads going red in the face.

    If they asked us to help put a ball on its lie, if always make it a good 10ft further from the hole.

  • 2 minutes with a brush, I reckon Crumpet might be moulting...

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  • Soon? 😍🐶

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  • Crumpet's getting spayed next week. Any advice from people who've been through it before?
    Edit: well, I guess advice from anyone who's dog's been through it before...

  • “That was fun. Can I put it back on now?”

  • turned out to be hassle free with benny.

    we got him an inflatable collar but he would remain rooted to the spot of wherever he was when you put it on him. 20 minutes of standing in place in the hall was the record before we got rid of it. he did try to lick the incision a little but with a bit of careful oversight he didn't really need more intervention than a quick "benny, no!"

    biggest hassle was dealing with his frustrations at not being allowed out for more than a very short walk to do his poo and no direct interaction with other dogs for 10 days.

    I did have a minor panic when he got a bit over excited and rolled onto his back and it looked like somehow his balls were back and lodged halfway up his shaft and very swollen/solid. turns out they're actually glands that puff up when they get aroused and in 2 years i'd just never noticed them but they def look like balls.

  • What is it going to be?

  • I'm still not sure how people with a full time job do look after a puppy! Crikey.

  • Akira had his balls taken away on Friday.

    As @HatBeard found out with his pup, Akira also would just stand still if I put him in the e-collar/cone. On Friday night he just stood by my bed, staring at me, whining.

    Luckily I'd also bought him a surgical suit which he is much more comfortable with, and he soon settled in that. I've been washing it in the morning and then taking him for a short walk while it dried (weather is helping) - but some people just recommend getting two to swap on and off while the other is in the wash.

    I think he misses licking his bits more than he wants to lick the wound though...

  • We've got her a big inflatable collar, the surgical suits seem like a good idea too!

  • Getting spayed is a bit more invasive than dogs getting the snip.

    We had Phoebe done and we didn't need the cone / donut at all, mostly because the wound on a female dogs stomach is easily covered with a self adhesive dressing generally. They left that on until she went back for a checkup a week or so later.

    We had no real issues with her trying to lick even after they took it off, the main issue was stopping her jumping on/off the sofa or bed etc and running about too excitedly.

    That and the post op meds they gave us for her gave her the runs something chronic, we stopped giving her them after a few days

  • It's a basenji, fingers crossed Lori won't change her mind again and everything goes smoothly... 🤞

  • Nice, look who’s coming my way.

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  • When's the big day? That's awesome... ♥️

  • I need to pick him up from Cork mid September. He’s from the same place as Doug was, a distant relative.
    Little Pedro.

  • This weather is really tough on our fur ball especially as he’s an idiot when it comes to sunbathing. Look after those doggies folks.

    @citron lovely.

  • Little chonk!

    What breed is that little cutie?
    MrsDeth is smitten

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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