• I’ve had a couple of cases recently of similar things. Odie bounded over to a dog who was off the lead the other day. The other dog ran up to meet him and they did a little trot around each other and a sniff - literally nothing bad at all. Then the other dog had enough and yapped at Odie, so he slunk off back to me. The woman shouted out to me something about her dog being a nervous rescue and how Odie should be more considerate (not me, Odie! 😄). I was a bit baffled - she seemed genuinely pissed off about the situation. If hers was nervous and she had it on a lead, I’d have called Odie back as soon as he looked like he wanted to go over - I tend to just play it safe whenever there are dogs with leads knocking around.

    Had to have a proper think today and check if I wasn’t just being a crap dog owner and not noticing, just because it’s happened a few times lately!

  • Nah, if the other dog is off the lead it's fair game as a potential play partner, if it's on a lead then your dog should be too unless they're really well trained and you've got mega control of them.

  • Yeah, that’s a universally understood rule, right?

    Some twunt started effing and blinding at my wife the other day, when Odie ran up to his (off the lead dog) to play. Apparently they were playing like dogs do, but not aggressively. He couldn’t hack it and started swearing at her.
    That dogs basically doomed to being un-socialised and nervous, like it’s owner.

  • Most of the people round here seem to get that rule, and if stuff gets a bit frisky they're generally all nice, must be a northern thing.

  • Yeah, you're right, they're fine round our way, must just be the northern ones who're precious wankers.

  • 92lbs of Pitt Bull love. Without question, the sweetest dog on the street.

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  • My girlfriend has a weird experience the other day. She was walking Crumpet off the lead and came across a dog that seemed to be about the same age that was also off the lead and wanted to play. The owner freaked out when Crumpet went over to say hello and picked his dog up by the collar and literally ran away, screaming at my girlfriend. Having a dog and having to interact more with random people really makes you realise how many mad cunts there are out there.

  • Very cute! I'd love a staffy. Definitely can't have more than one dog where we are at the moment and can't afford anywhere more suitable anywhere we'd want to live but a chunky little rescue staffy would be quite high up the list for dog number 2! I'm sure Crumpet would love having a little mate to fuck about with.

  • My girlfriend walks her work's dog in Regents Park and reckons there's loads of weird dog owners around at the moment. Fair enough her dog loves playing but can sometimes look a bit aggressive even if she isn't, but apparently it's a common occurrence now for people to call their dogs back before they even get a chance to play. I don't think it's all new lockdown dog owners it may just be the people who normally wouldn't be able to take their dog out for walks in the day and pay a dog walker or whatever are now doing it themselves

  • Back to the shit talk. Willow is doing well, we all survived the first ten days, she sleeps through the night and is starting to love her crate.

    But her poops have gone pretty soft. First one of the morning usually starts firm, then, well... not so.

    No dietary changes. Feeding Eukanuba puppy kibble as the breeder was feeding.

    She was at the Vet for a routine checkup on Monday, we mentioned it and he seemed unconcerned. Otherwise healthy. Gave us a tube of some kind of gut bacteria stuff, didn’t help.

    Going to try rice and chicken for a day or two. Anyone had the same?

  • Otto basically had the shits for his whole puppyhood. Or at least that's what it felt like.

  • her work's dog

    Why does her work have a dog?

  • Maybe they think the virus is on the dog?

  • Oh, I see. :)

    It sounded odd the way you put it.

  • I was trying to avoid a more long winded explanation but here we are

  • Oh, let's by all means not prolong this discussion entirely unnecessarily.

  • On pups eating shit, particularly their own, it can be learned behaviour. The mother often does it when they’re still with her. They usually grow out of it.

    On soft shit, a raw/BARF diet will give your dog the hardest, easiest to scoop and non-smelly shit you can hope for. I won’t get into the raw v processed dog food argument, but raw will solve runny shit in a healthy dog.

  • On soft shit, a raw/BARF diet will give your dog the hardest, easiest to scoop and non-smelly shit you can hope for. I won’t get into the raw v processed dog food argument, but raw will solve runny shit in a healthy dog.

    We had to run after one of Otto's shits when it rolled down a hill recently. BARF ftw!

  • Anyway, have some staffy love

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  • Chatting this morning with another dog-walking pal in the woods today about canine coprophilia. Just as he said that his dog very rarely indulged, it fell upon a great runny shit and started eating. Worst thing is, I'd seen that shit a few days ago, and know that it was human...

  • Dog doing his civic duty, by that point if he didn't pick it up clearly no one else was going to

  • But her poops have gone pretty soft. First one of the morning usually starts firm, then, well... not so.

    Starving them for 24 hours worked amazingly well for mine. I resisted doing it for ages and tried all the other nonsense with no discernible effect.

    Though she was at the point of having barely done a good poo in weeks.

  • How old is willow? Odie had pretty soft shits for most of his puppydom (which I guess he just about out of at 9months old? Still a while till he’s a grown up dog though). Still has them occasionally - usually if He’s eaten too much cheese or if he’s eaten shit.....

  • Baby humans get the shits when they're teething so it's perfectly feasible that a puppy could to. Puppies also eat a lot of unsavoury stuff when out in the world so shit happens. If it becomes a more common occurrence then plain boiled rice for a couple of days will probably resolve the issue. Include some boiled chicken with the rice then revert to it's normal food. This time of year is bad for my old dog's guts. We usually have to resort to rice/chicken and rice around Christmas. It seems to coincide with increased fox (sexy time) action down the end of the garden. I think there may be some sly poo eating going on when he's out of sight.

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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