• He will, he will. But, not until you are least expecting it....

  • mine likes to do it at 6am when i was planning on getting back into bed on our return instead of giving him a full shower and dry.

  • We're quite lucky that we don't have foxes, or badgers.

    At worst Phoebe will rub herself on the grass in another dogs dry pee or something.

  • Mars will seek out a shit whenever we can and thanks to people opting to be more ‘outdoorsy’ during lockdowns over the last year, particularly on hackney marshes, we’ve now had 3 separate human shit incidents. The absolute worst.

  • Crumpet's not too bothered about shit really, will have a go at chowing down on the occasional, particularly appealing dog shit but doesn't seem to be a roller fortunately. She did throw up a fully formed turd on the living room rug once which was a bit much.
    The one time she's encountered horse shit she went absolutely ballistic though, she saw it as some sort of wonderful banquet. Luckily there's not too many horses knocking about south London. As far as I know, she has yet to encounter a human shit, who knows what could happen?

  • Living on a farm, when the fields are muck spread it's like an open buffet to our Lab, he will happily until he is sick, then start again (after trying to eat his own sick of course), it has gotten to the point where we have to walk him on the lead when its all fresh.

  • My sister has a rescue dog that has hang ups about shitting which were probably formed in his formative months.

    For the first year she had him, he did most of his shitting in the house in secret and tried to eat the evidence. He would emerge smacking his chops and then the hunt would commence for a half eaten dog egg, which normally had teeth marks in it.

    Amazingly, his constitution isn’t that bad.

  • Despite having ample opportunity ours doesn't seem interested in rolling in or eating shit. He does have a morning ritual of chasing away any foxes that bedded down in the garden but that is it. Wonder if it something to do with the fact that he's non shedding.. dunno, but reading these stories I appreciate it.

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  • Tried going for a run with Odie a month or so ago and it wasn’t that successful - he kept jumping up and getting too excited. Mouthing his lead and my arm and stuff. I think he just couldn’t handle it.

    Tried again this morning and it was a resounding success. He was running along nicely, needing little steering and was stopping well at roads etc. Really chuffed. We did just under 4K and I think he could handle further. I think having a bit of off-lead time at the park I ran to helped, so he didn’t get frustrated.

    8.5/10 Would run with dog again.

  • Nice. I forgot Nori's 10m training lead yesterday and felt bad she wasn't getting to run about so took her for a jog around the park. Fairly humiliating running in boots, jeans and a massive coat with a dog that looks like it's fast walking but she did pretty well and i reckon it'll be a new fixture in our diary.

    She also stood on a skateboard yesterday and gave no shits when it flew out from under her. If she's turns out to be better than me at riding bikes she's going in the bin.

  • All this shit eating talk is really putting me off getting a dog. Why? I mean... why?!

  • Ha! Odie was on my skateboard yesterday too. He seemed to like it! Dogs who shred thread?

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  • A regular Tony PAWk

  • (sorry)

  • You should be!

    I wish the wheels were Bones, but they’re Rictas :-(

  • Skillzzz. I suck at skating so a faraway plan is to get good enough to skate whilst the dog jogs/pulls along side on a lead.

    For now I'll settle with her not ambushing me. We have a similar baby gate and I shit you not as I was walking through it she pushed the door shut and trapped my ankle in the gate. once those fuckers lock and your ankle is trapped there is nowhere to go. Jokes aside it was brutal and I ended up yanking the gate away with me and ending on my arse. Of course she was heart wrenchingly worried and sat on top of me and licked my face to protect me from further damage.

    I really like this dog.

  • We are now up to stage 4/5/6, I see where this is going

  • Mrs Magpie can now WFH indefinitely so we can finally get a dog! We had always planned on a rescue previously but she has changed her mind and wants to get a puppy so we can avoid any behavioural issues.

    We also want a staff (she grew up with them) so want to start from scratch so hopefully we'll be able to add to the pack in times to come. Would love to have a lurcher too once we escape London.

    Have finally managed to find a legit kennel club breeder and they've just had a mating. Will know in about a month if it has taken. If all goes well we should have a little red staffy puppy by May. Super excited!

  • In danger of jinxing myself but fuck it. Went out early doors with Vinbags this morning for a walk and ended up having a little jog! Couple of laps of a field, off lead, me in jeans and wellies. I'm taking trail shoes next time!

  • You do this shit everyday?

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  • Nice work! Yeah, I’d recommend trail shoes for running with a dog, in my very limited experience of it. Just did another run with Odie - bit slower than last time but more off road. Some guy had a massive go at me because.... not sure why exactly. Both dogs off leads - having a play. Not even being boisterous. Apparently that was not to his liking and it was my fault? 🤷♂️
    Told him to put his dog on a lead then and ran off before I could hear his reply

  • For some reason this story reminded me of a lady we see in Greenwich Park.

    Whenever another dog does a play bow in front of her dog, her dog for whatever reason interprets it as a threat to his owner and gives the playful dog a fairly stern telling off. Loads of dog owners I know have seen it. It's not a drama at all to them. They just know this particular dog does that.

    Except the lady in question doesn't realise this is what's happening. Instead she is convinced that every other dog is aggressive to her dog (even though they are just playing) and her dog is defending itself.

    Nobody really cares. Except the lady who seems to spend every walk fuming at all the dogs "out to get" her dog.

    Feel a bit bad about it tbh, somethings not right there.

  • Presumably someone must have tried to explain this to her by now? Is she not taking the point?

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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