• Good update, sounds like you’re doing brilliantly. Look forward to reading about progress

  • Thanks for the tip! (And the shaft)

  • That's a lovely looking pup @Olly398

    When you get a bigger crate, will you be getting the same kind? With my last dog, changing from a plastic travel crate to a wire one made a huge difference and he settled in the new one immediately. It might just be him, but I got the sense that he felt less enclosed and could see out more easily. Just a thought...

  • There was a report earlier on R4 with a guy from Blue Cross saying they hadn't had the number of dogs handed to them that they were expecting, largely due to people continuing to work from home - RSPCA and Battersea seemed to agree. But they also reported that people were selling dogs on when they couldn't keep them, rather than giving them to a shelter, presumably to try to recover some of the top dollar they'd paid in this inflated market. Not good.

    I was at the vet this morning and he was saying that they are starting to see an increase in the number of designer brachycephalic dogs coming in and are expecting a lot more. Sad times...

  • Got some more doggo stuff to shift. Any interest in these for postage?

    Truelove harness - small (you can check measurements on Amazon). Bit grubby, soz.

    Small harness from Aldi I think.

    Some sort of fleece thing. Too big for Odie - don’t think we even tried it on him. 60cm back.

    Chuck me a pm if you want anything, otherwise it’ll end up in a bin liner in the loft for eventual charity shoppage.

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  • Thanks Markyboy, that’s a good perspective, we do have a bigger wire one we can try in a few weeks once she’s got used to the idea.

  • Took doggo out for a lunch time walk. Rolled around in fox shit.

    Get back home, partner and I have back-to-back work calls until 4pm.

    Place smells like fox shit.

  • Took doggo out for a lunch time walk. Rolled around in fox shit.

    Did the dog join in?

  • I knew I should have ninja edited... Always someone. :)

  • Hose worst of it off, then cover the remaining in tomato ketchup, then wash off for best results

  • It seemed rude to ignore such an open goal.

  • Don rubber gloves and rub it in for better results

  • The fox shit? Will that work?

  • Wish I'd read this before giving him a bath. The smells is lingering... Might need a second pass. With ketchup. Ta, Tim!

  • Yeah, the families 3 whippets used to seek any Fox shit out and apply it like No.5 and found out about it about 30 years ago.

    Recently used it again on 2 Springers, the amount that longer hair can hold 🤢

    Doesn’t completely get rid of the smell but is definitely better

  • This stuff really works. Much better than ketchup. Worth having a tube in reserve. We bought some because we heard the Whippet scare stories but so far, after 4 years since the first incident, we haven't needed it!

  • I bought it after seeing it at yours and we use it fairly often as Benny is a little cunt and rolls in shit on the regs. does indeed work well.

  • (frantically tries to think what else Hatbeard might have noticed when he was last round)

  • A mate's dog just walked through what appeared to be crude oil or something! :-D
    Fuck knows how they're going get it of the poor dog's paws. And their sofa. Probably their rug.

  • swarfega worked a treat on my beige colour leather and carpet in the car with bike oil

  • Rolling in fox shit is extremely rare in a period of lockdown. It is a known principle that dogs only do so if people are coming to dinner/ an elderly relative is staying/ you have had a carpet fitted that morning.

    @AlexD: swarfega will work, plus baby wipes (if they get shit off babies they'll clean anything).

  • They ended up using vegetable oil or olive oil to wash it off, then just soapy water to get rid of that, which seemed smart and has apparently worked.

    Baby wipes are something I have in abundance, and will probably continue to keep a supply of long after my youngest has stopped shitting herself. So useful.

  • I’ll take fox shit any day over badger, that stuff really stinks, and our collie loves it, to the point where I have a specific lead set up outside to hose her down in the summer when she gets hold of some.

  • Luckily (?) Odie is more likely to eat it than roll in it. He bloody loves eating shit. Well into it.

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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