• That's similar to what we tried! If we did decide we needed to check on Crumpet when she was crying, we'd make a point to more or less ignore her whilst still being in the same room doing other tasks whilst surreptitiously trying to work out what had upset her (usually the cat being a dick).

  • No, it’s a terrible sign. I’ll take her off your hands

  • Do you mind saying to me who the breeder was? Seeing your pup puts me in mind to get another (my GSP is 10 soon).

  • We do this too :) He's pretty attached, but we leave him in a room for a few minutes, will increase with time, and ignore him when we get back in.

    The vet told us to, saying to make it a pretty normal thing being left alone and not really a celebration to look forward to when we get back.

  • Just got back from a run in Greenwich Park. I have never seen so many puppies in the course of an hour before!

  • Such a cute photo. I’ve stolen and sent to my family group chat - part of my “let’s get another dog even though my wife doesn’t want one” plan. Mmmmwwehhhaaaaa

  • Lovely video.

    You upload in the compose window with 'upload a file'. You have to try selecting the file a couple of times, but it usually works eventually.

  • Look at her!

    Few female names I've heard round this way. Pepper. Poppy. Hazel. Ruby (Rhubarb). Quite a few Poppies over here actually.

  • Errol made the hilarious mistake of thinking a green algae-covered pond was a lawn. After a brief moment of panic when he disappeared beneath the surface, I almost cried laughing as he motored around the pond chasing ducks.

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  • Errol made the hilarious mistake of thinking a green algae-covered pond was a lawn.

    Living on boats, that's a constant hazard and fear. Some of the idiots never learn. Last year, one of mine leaped the blocked entrance and went after a duck. He was half-drowned by the time we noticed him missing. Little prick gives me heartfailure on a regular basis.

  • This is just a general advice rather than an answer to one of your questions. Puppies love tennis balls, why wouldn't they? Our, now eight year old, puppy has loved them all his life and takes them on walks or finds them himself. He can skin and gut a tennis ball in about three minutes, if so inclined.
    We were warned by our vet but we didn't listen, "Do not let your dog have a tennis ball as they are very abrasive", she said.
    Our dog has not got a pointy tooth left in his head, they've all been worn flat by the chewing bloody tennis balls.
    Avoid anything that can be ripped apart as it will end up inside the puppy.

  • A dog walker I sometimes exchange a few words with has a placid bull terrier.
    The dog is not allowed tennis balls.
    A while ago the dog went off his food, stopped pooing.
    Visit to vets and X-ray showed nothing,
    Exploratory, £3k insurance funded, op revealed chunks of tennis ball the dog had swallowed that could not get through its digestive system.

  • Hehe. Thanks. She loves a chew. Obviously prefers the rugs and wickerwork than her array of dog chew toys, but I guess that’s par for the course.

  • Cheers! She’s currently going by Willow which might well stick although Pepper and Biscuit are both in contention.

  • Friends of ours have just gone with Olive, I quite like Nutmeg (shortened to Meg for park shouting) and Vanilla (Van for park shouting)

  • .

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  • Benny from a few pages back... same position, same stance. haha

    reminds me of rowdy from scrubs

  • although Pepper and Biscuit are both in contention.

    The family who stole Cheyenne my Staffy x chow puppy when i was 8 renamed him Biscuit, lamest name ever, don't do it.

  • Willow is a cute name!

  • Whatever you name the pup, it will frequently be called 'get here you bastard'.

  • We use “Ratbag” frequently, instead of Phoebe or feebs.

  • Awesome doggie!

  • My friend's partner was an assistance dog trainer for many years and in their spare time they would have police dog puppies to stay. They'd get them at 8-9 weeks and keep them about a year. For the first few weeks the dogs were called "Puppy" as the thinking is it ends on a soft note. Once the basics are learnt then the dog's name was changed.

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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