• I’ll jump on too. This is our rescue Staffy x JRT looking handsome in the snow at the weekend.

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  • We had a lot of rain recently, and we’ve been looking after our friends English Cocker Stevie (as in Nicks)

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  • Rescue?

    Yeah, she's a Staffie cross from Cyprus. Bit older than we were expecting and pretty rough around the edges but we've really taken to her.

    Not sure what she's mixed with but she's strong as hell. My guess is some kind of living tissue over a metal endoskeleton, doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And she absolutely will not stop, ever...

  • What a winner. Loving the ready made snowstorm camo outfit.

  • remembered some more new puppy advice

    Play with their paws, pull their ears and tail, basically touch every part of them so they do not worry when they need to get their claws trimmed or small humans get a bit grabby with them.

    A friend has a rescue staffy who absolutely freaks out when he has his claws trimmed (to the extent the vets have suggested sedation for a nail clip) and we tried hard to avoid this issue.

    Our little pup has been (nicely) "tormented" since he arrived and as such is absolutely fine with grooming and ear cleaning. He doesn't have much interaction with children as we avoid them as much is humanly possible.

  • You’re describing my experience of every staffy I’ve had or met!

  • That second pic is amazing, so lush! Are you in SW England or somewhere far more exciting?

  • Thank you and to all others who’ve offered advice. She arrives today - gulp!

  • How Rudy has grown.

  • That is a lovely picture.

  • We got this guy in Nov 2019. Can’t believe it’s been over a year now as it feels like yesterday. Saying that, we couldn’t imagine life without him now

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  • The light was incredible that day and I managed to get him in the split second he was not being a double terrier by looking for trouble.

  • Benny will remain statuesque until the split second before I can press the shutter button. about 90% of my photos of him are just weird blurs.

  • Yeah I really struggle with Odie photos for that reason. He’s a very low contrast dog and he moves a lot - not a good combination for Instagram-friendly snaps!

  • This jacket has just fallen apart (cheap Amazon crap) but at least it was useful for locating him in woodland terrain

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  • We took our puppy to the vets this morning for the millionth time.

    They suspect pneumonia, but are baffled how he can catch it as he is currently on antibiotics (for a skin infection)
    Saying overnight, had scans, may need sedation and ultrasound tomorrow.

    Hoping the insurance covers it...

    dog ownership is stressful, expensive and exhausting.
    I do like the little sauce though.

  • Do love an ACD (Australian cattle dog). This is our girl Roo

  • Do love a ACD (Australian cattle dog). This is our Kelpie/BH....Roo. She doesn’t see too much cattle in London though!

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  • Can’t see the photo! (Edit - there it is!)

    Met what I initially thought was a cattle dog of some sort but turned out to be a Malinois / rott cross. Odie very keen, but he’s like a magnet to any dog of a similar age to him.

  • I live in Dunedin on the South Island of New Zealand. We go to that park quite a lot (it's like Jurassic park in places), that part there is normally bone dry. Last week we had 200mm of rain in a couple of hours that went on for several days and the place was insane.

  • looking forward to updates and pics of GSP pup

  • Sorry to hear this, how stressful, hope he comes round quick.

  • Wellllll since you asked 😬

    She’s here, she’s met all the family and she’s now asleep in her crate.

    We took her to the garden as soon as she arrived, and every 20 mins or so, no action unfortunately, but then did both types of business inside in sneaky moments. 😥

    Day 1 so to be expected I suppose. Hopefully with taking her out immediately on waking she’ll get the knack.

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  • dog ownership is stressful, expensive and exhausting


    Fingers crossed for you on the insurance front. And obvz hope he's ok!

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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