• Yep, complete idiots. Red (the Lab) quite often hangs half his body out of a bed, not even out of the low bit, but over the high edge, looks incredibly painful.

  • Mine destroys his bedding within a week and has to sleep on hard plastic

  • Mine has a choice of dog bed and two sofas, yet sleeps on the doormat so any post falls on him.

  • If I ever want to calm them down, I just whack the underfloor heating up, it literally makes them sprawl on the floor and pass out.

  • We use our gas fire for that.

    Otto has half of a three seater sofa with a thick duvet spread over it to sleep on, the little tart.

  • If I want to confuse them I light the log burner, they then spend their time alternating between the floor and the inglenook, although we have to kick them out of there often as you start to smell their fur cooking, yet they just lie there and take it.


    Ours will happily stretch out over the whole width of the sofa the moment you stand up.

  • If we vacate a sofa, Odie will just jump up on to it and stand there like a wierdo. I'm not sure he really 'gets' sofas yet...

  • Kid is fine thanks for asking, just couldn’t believe after a google it’s a common thing. An occupational hazard for dog groomers apparently. I think the hair must’ve been in his sock and during the day worked it’s way in.

  • Oooft, that's rough as fuck. I guess it must only happen with wirey haired breeds?

  • Blue is getting used to Crumpet. He doesn't even get that upset when she sniffs his bumhole anymore. He has taken to sleeping on an armchair that he previously had absolutely no interest in because she seemed to like it though.

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  • The look that says ‘oh really?’ :)

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  • He's just got "resting nobhead face".

  • Otherwise know as ‘cat’ face :-D

    (Spoken with love, as an ex owner of several cars)

  • ‘cat’ face

    One of my cats is called catface.

  • Ha ha, definitely. He's a lovely boy, just constantly looks absolutely furious.

    My girlfriend has been doing some research and she thinks that Crumpet might be part beauceron which is a breed I've never heard of.
    She has rear dewclaws which narrowed the search a bit. Of all of the breeds with rear dewclaws beaucerons were the most similar looking. They're a pretty similar shape to her and have a very similar tail. Her brother and sister were black with brown markings as well. She's definitely a mix so hopefully she won't end up quite as big as that.

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  • hopefully she won't end up quite as big as that.

    Famous last words :-D

    I looked up beauceron in my dog encyclopaedia - here’s the entry fwiw.

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  • Thanks for that! She doesn't have double hind dewclaws, just one on each foot. Definitely a similar shape though and her siblings had similar markings. I thought they were bigger than that for some reason!

  • Has anyone got recommendations for good teething toys? Crumpet is desperate to chew on something at the minute but refuses to use anything that isn't either filled with food or something she shouldn't be nibbling. We've got a kong and a rubber bone thing you can stuff treats in but neither lasts long enough to keep her occupied for more than a few minutes.

  • Have you tried a partially squashed empty plastic bottle?

    We found tug of war toys or even just an old tshirt or sock were good for Otto when he was teething. Sometimes we would be playing tug of war and a tooth would ping across the room...

  • Oh she loves her partially squashed plastic bottle! We're just wary of leaving her to play with it unattended, I've read some horror stories about dogs swallowing lids or bits of sharp plastic.
    Crumpet's not too interested in playing with people at the moment, she's still a little bit shy I think. Maybe when she's been here for a bit longer and come out of her shell a bit she'll be more interested in tug of war.

  • It's a bit niche but when the chaps on the rope access team renewed their ropes I had three metres of old static rope. My little dog loves to chase it if you run with it and will lay there chewing for ages.

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  • Yeah Odie loves a plastic bottle (with some of his kibble inside), but I make sure to take it off him as soon as he chews through. I check the lid away but crumple the top a bit so the kibble doesn't immediately all come out.

    We found dog soft toys were good for when he was teething, but he just destroys them so they generally last no longer than a week or two. He likes carrots too.

  • She's got a manky fox she likes but she just tends to hold it in her mouth or lick it rather than chewing it. She also likes carrots, but only burying them in the sofa, not chewing them.

  • Odie had a fox. Always made me feel a bit uncomfortable when he'd go nuts at it - like I should be wearing a Barbour and making large donations to the Conservative party.

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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