• She looks like she’s got some sort of shepherd-adjacent breed going on in there. Maybe some huntaway or something similar? Who knows!

    How old is she?

  • She is a Greek street dog so I imagine she's a fairly diluted mix of all sorts. She's only 5 months so still has a fair of growing to do. Maybe we'll have more of a clue when she's fully grown!

  • Ha ha, she'll have to take that up with the boss (the cat).

  • Ah good for you! I used to wonder at the packs of (mostly) friendly dogs roaming around Monastiraki.

  • Readers wives dogs spam.

    Odie’s getting more and more shepherd-like in his overall shape and his coat. Still relatively tiny though, and I’m pretty sure his ears will never stick up now 🤷♂️

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  • Very good ears!

  • They’re proper fluffy, and the hair looks crimped unlike the rest of him. Mystery dog.

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  • He’s turning out great! Love the ears

  • Those ears are great, looks like he’s getting on splendidly with the wean too.

  • There’s much mutual love between Odie and the kids. Very sweet. Must be the German/Belgian shepherd’s famed tolerance for high stress situations :-)

  • Our rescue has large amounts of Belgian shepherd in her, and has endless tolerance for the toddler swinging from her ears.

  • It’s probably why, as a breed, they’ve got large ears. That’s how it works, right?

    Our 2.5yo is constantly in his face, grabbing his snout and hanging off his neck. I still keep a close eye on them, but he generally just wags his tail and licks her glasses which I then have to clean.

    He went through a stage of kind of challenging me recently actually. He’d jump up and mouth my arm persistently. A couple of times I had to (calmly) put him down on the floor on his side and then he’d go sheepish and lick me. He seems to have stopped it now - probably just learnt it doesn’t get him anyway and being a soppy twat is the way to go.

  • Doggo update..

    (Don’t know if this works, does on my iPhone)

  • It works

  • I’d love to have the confidence to let Odie free in the woods, but he’s just so easily distracted. I’m probably being a wuss, actually, aren’t I?

  • Yeah it’s tricky.. I think i enjoy looking at him doing dog stuff of the leash as much as he enjoys doing them but I’m sort of aticipating him spotting something and just bolt the whole time..So far so good though, plus he’s pretty good at being called in..

  • You're not being a wuss. Until you know he'll come back it's sensible to be cautious. A long time ago we thought we'd cracked it. We were on the polo fields in Windsor Great Park where I always walked him on a 15 metre lead. We let him off and let him go a hundred metres or so and then enthusiastically called him back. Perfect so let him go again walking along behind. Called him and he came back. Third time gone for an hour and fifteen minutes and only got him back by him accidentally running into us on another part of the park. He'd had a lovely time but I forgot to mention there was a good three inches of snow and it was too cold to be stood about waiting for a miracle. He's not been off the lead in about 10 years except in secure premises.

  • Ours also has a thing for mouthing, wonder if that's in the breed. I've just about cured her of it, but she still does it very occasionally when we're playing and she's over-excited - she's extremely gentle with it tho.

  • Odies definitely getting better off the lead, and I’m getting more confident with it. I generally make sure I’m in an area where I have good visibility, like the middle of a field, so I can pop him back on if there are some young kids or dogs clearly on a lead for a reason. I just don’t think he’s there yet and I don’t want to be in a position where he jumped up at a small kid and terrified them etc. He’s quite excitable right now and just wants to play with everyone.

    He’s definitely chilling out on the mouthing. He was quite bad until a week or so ago. Not hard enough to cause harm, but it’s behaviour we really didn’t want.

  • Ours is excellent at guarding the little human. He’s extremely patient, even if he’ll tell him off for doing something really egregious from time to time. After 2.75 years, he’s still not affectionate with him though. Maybe next year...

  • Met up with a mate and his Saluki/deerhound-lurcher cross this morning. I've known her for a while - she's a lovely dog - but I've only ever seen her in a house or on the lead. Seeing her at cruising speed, letting Odie nearly catch up with her, then spooling up and leaving him standing was quite an impressive sight. Never seen a dog that fast before! She's pretty boisterous as well and on a number of occasions barrelled in to Odie, sending him skidding across the grass on his side (he loves all that stuff so he was in his element - being shoved around by a beautiful older woman :-D ).

  • Sighthounds/luchers/long dogs all seem to be very boisterous players. Otto is too.

    We have a dog owner mistake it for aggression once or twice a month. Sometimes even when their dog is having the time of their lives.

  • Sighthounds, aggressive?

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  • Yeah, Juniper was growling quite a lot while playing with Odie. I saw at least one person with a dog give us a wide berth. I just kept an eye on Odie - he'd let me know if he wasn't comfortable and he was clearly having a whale of a time.

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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