• Apparently she was originally known as "Grumpy" but they thought that'd put people off adopting her, ha ha.

  • My grandad would titter at the thought of going out for a walk with a bit of ‘crumpet’....

    Great name.

  • Crumpet is a great name, and a great looking dog!

    I want to call our dog Waffles but MrsDeth vetoed. She was keen on a name ending in an EE sound for shouting in the park.

  • My little dog is called Milo. He also responds to the names: Milton, Mildew, Mildred, Doris and Dog. Don't get to hung up about Crumpet's name she'll respond if the tone is right. The number of dogs I know(n) that respond to Wassziss? is huge, especially when said in an interesting way and associated with a suitable treat. In a nut shell if you're super interesting she'll respond to any word. I asked my niece to stop just calling his name (repeatedly) when she wanted him and say Milo, come! instead. Thankfully I seem to be able to train 8 yr olds too.

  • We have two Waffles in our local park already. A few years ago every other puppy was Dexter or Walter. People don't half advertise their telly viewing when they name their dogs.

  • My black labs are always called Guinness, Beamish and Murphy, the next one will be Guinness III.

  • Can’t breathe but won’t put that feckin ball down.

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  • Anyone use Puffin pet insurance?

  • Having a dog called Comet isn't great for recall training - settled on 'Here', as a command, not a name.

  • My Nan had a dog called "Ereboy" when she was growing up.

  • We've just brought Crumpet home! She's so calm, she's done a quick lap of the living room and has settled already. Blue, our 8 year old cat has had one minor swipe at her when she got a bit over familiar, she left him alone but didn't seem too upset. It's probably a good thing that he's establishing his boundaries with her. So excited to get to know her!

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  • Crumpet looks like a little smasher, congrats!

  • Thanks! She already seems to be settling in quite nicely.

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  • Aww she looks at home already.

  • Yep, I'd say she's fairly comfortable being here!

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  • So looks so sweet and happy. Any idea what she is?

  • We've not really got any clue! She's very houndy but with a labrador tail. We think she'll be about lab sized when she's fully grown.

  • Awesome Doggo - congrats! Looks a bit German Shepherd to me.

  • That's a good call actually! Similar tail and hair colour.

  • Congrats mate, she's lovely. Definitely seeing the German Shepherd in her.

  • Crumpet looks like an absolute belter

  • I can't believe how much she's come out of her shell already. I don't want to get complacent or over confident but she seems to feel right at home.

  • She'll evict you in a day or two. :)

  • From the memes thread, your welcome 😁


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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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