• Yeah I'd second that. My aunt had working JRTs and they were great but feisty, one of them was decidedly nippy with strangers. They can be a lot of dog in a small package. Boston terriers are incredibly trendy / popular where we are - poor little buggers. I'd avoid all brachycephalic breeds.

    Staffy or whippet!

  • I'm glad you said this. There are three I meet regularly on our walks and they all bark incessantly at every dog they see and only one of them is allowed off lead.

  • I have a Boston. Perfect dogs.

    Small enough for living in a flat (we're currently in a 1 bed), but still a proper dog that likes to play and run around. Ours is equally as happy spending all day in bed, or going for a 10km walk in the woods.

    Lovely temperament and they don't shed either.

    Obligatory photo:

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  • If you get a Boston from a reputable breeder, they should be fine. Mine just turned 6 and has had no health problems (aside from the odd accident related leg/foot problem). He normally has his mouth closed and breathes through his nose unless he's working hard.

  • Interesting.

    Bostons and Frenchies share similar ancestries. How are Bostons for breeding? Do they need artificial insemination and c-sections like Frenchies normally do?

  • I'd rather have something Beagle sized

    Do you have a polo court in your flat, though?

  • Not sure about C-sections, actually. I think I remember the breeder I got Ziggy from saying that they had sent their males away to breed with other females though, which would imply natural insemination I guess.

  • I bet I could persuade her to get a CockerPoo..........show her this

  • My sisters new dog

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  • thats a muppet

  • Just get a proper cocker like mine, you'll never be bored....

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  • My cousin had a Beagle called Eddie...his full name was Eddie the Bastard.

    Could sniff a sausage from a mile away then would fook off to eat it. Lived to a ripe old age and was as wide as it was tall, due to its prolific ability to snaffle food.

    As much as she and her husband moaned at the time they still shed a tear at the thought of the stupid situations he got them into....fun times

  • I used to have a job visiting farms, one day I walked around a turkey rearing place with farmer and his JRT: I have never met such an awesome hunting machine (and my own dog is no slouch at this). This dog would point at a place, like a heap of some random farm related stuff, the farmer would kick the pile or move it, the little dog would dive in like a flash and pull out a rat, give it a shake, bit of a chew then done, on to the next. Seemed to love its job. I saw it kill 5-6 in a half hour walk around.

    Would defiantly get one, but like with a lot of dogs you have to give them some “work” or they make their own up which often is bad for you / others

  • thats a muppet


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  • Yours are working cockers right?

    We used to dog sit a cockapoo before we got our own English cocker Spaniel 7 months ago. She’s super trainable and generally has a great temperament but I do miss the lack of shedding of the cockapoo

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  • It must be thirty years since my grans JRT died but I can still hear it’s claws scrabbling across her (over) polished floor on its urgent mission to take a bite of a grandchild, Wilkins you were a bastard.

    Our 4YO Border has started being a dick towards Alsatians who are invariably on short leads. 99% of the time he has zero interest in other dogs and only has eyes for his ball but recently he gets brave terrier syndrome and postures in front of them doing the violent neck shaking Scrappy-Doo until I can grab him. Any pointers on nipping this, gratefully received.

    Butter. Wouldn’t. Melt.

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  • Yep, working cockers and as trained as they get, nowhere near as easy to train as my pair of labs.

    Every cockapoo I have met (not a breed) has been delightful but also certifiable.

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  • Ha really. Ours is a show cocker technically but she still instinctively flushed birds out of the undergrowth, including two quail on Saturday afternoon.

    If only I could stop her going radge at the postman or anyone walking past the house at 6am that would be great

  • Speaking of guarding...this was at the park the other day. He sat himself at the table and didn’t take his eyes off the wean. As it was getting dark he sprinted off to chase a couple of coyotes that came sniffing around. As much as he doesn’t like the nipper to make a fuss of him, he does keep a good lookout!

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  • Chillest dog on LFGSS.

  • So it looks like we're going to be picking up a white/tan Daschund/Jack Russell cross.

  • Goodest of boys

  • Do they have an awful portmanteau name?
    Jackshund seems the obvious one...

    Googled some images, look proper cute!

    Welcome to the #TerrierCrew (in a short while)

  • Daschell?

    Eurgh. Can't stand canid portmanteaus :-(

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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