• If we could find a medium sized hypoallergenic dog in the Brisbane area, we would... No dice...

    Ideally one that's young enough to be trained as an assistance dog... Even tougher call...

    Is a cockapoo too small? Is there a larger version?

    I know someone with a hearing assistance one. It's a bit old now, but clearly very bright and trainable.

  • No interest in this good boy?

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  • Bloody interested but just can't do it!

  • Know the feeling, but mine and my gf work won’t allow us to have a dog.

    Should also stop looking at what the local rescue centres have!
    I’d take this 2yo EBT in a heartbeat if I could.

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  • Lovely dog.

    Random fact. 25% of white EBTs are born deaf. Must be difficult to train!

  • Sadly you posted a few days late for us as we'd already sourced an earlier model

  • Exactly the type of dog me and my wife are looking for but we've got a cat and a 6 month old baby so need a puppy to be able to integrate properly ☹️

  • So far he’s just watched the neighbours cat and not chased it as pray as I’m sure his instincts are telling him.

    No idea how he’d be with a bambino but I’d say you’re right as he can be very full of energy and unaware of his own size.

  • Who, what, where is this lovely fella?

  • Oh I've just read up. Beautiful dog. Sadly couldn't take another, and don't have a proper garden. Good luck finding him a home

  • Tbh it's more the cat that's a concern and not just because of the prey instinct. She's pretty particular and would definitely need the dog to grow in to the family to accept it.

    Lovely looking boy though, hope he finds a nice home soon.

  • No worries, like all hound breeds most of his day is spent dozing but he gets little bursts where he needs to belt around my parents garden at full pelt.
    A bit of space is essential

  • I’d love to be in a position to take this guy :-( Well handsome!
    Hope he finds a(nother) good home soon!

  • A bit of space is essential

    Loads of people recommend sighthounds and lurchers as flat suitable dogs particularly because they don't need a garden. They don't have to do their crazy running in a garden if you have access to other open space. I mean, who has a garden big enough for a sighthound to prpoperly gun it in? Otto needs about 100m x 100m!

    I totally appreciate that it might not feel like that with a young one though :D

  • We’ve found that with Odie (not a sighthound) in that when he’s at home he doesn’t really use the space we have as much as we assumed he would. He’s out at least twice a day, dashing about and exploring, then he just crashes out at home. I guess with larger dogs, it’s more that they just take up space and are going to be under foot or bumping in to stuff more in smaller spaces?

  • Otto gets half of our three seater sofa and hes only 14kg so I hate to think what life would be like with a bigger dog...

  • Second that. Hai #schnauzersoflfgss

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  • we had a greyhound in a (3rd floor) flat - was fine. plenty of parks nearby

  • What’s the story?

  • Ha, I think Odies about that now. Give it 6 months and I might have changed my tune :-)

  • In what sense?

    My parents are fostering him as it takes pressure off the rescue centre and the dog benefits from being in a loving home.

    Just thought I’d post him up in here to see if I could help find him somewhere permanent

  • The answer to that question is 'cosy', with all four of mine barging on it is over 100kg of dog, this explains the one large and one massive sofa....

  • Ok - opinions please:

    My wife was playing catch with Odie in our local park. Always lots of dogs there. Odie off lead, sees another dog off lead and runs over to say hi (wife unsuccessfully recalling him!) Other dog instantly goes for Odie, very aggressively. They tousle (for reals, not play) and Odie retreats - straight back on lead.

    The guy was pretty condescending and told my wife off for not having Odie under control. My wife told him his dog should be on a lead if he’s aggressive - he said his dog is ‘Just nervy’. She thinks his dog came away with a scratched nose, while Odies fine, just a bit shaken.

    Elle is now a bit confident-knocked about letting him off, which is a shame as we’ve been enjoying being able to let him off lately.

  • The guy's a prick and there's probably nothing you can do about it.

    My mate's dog will get aggro with puppies occasionally, which they're horrified by, and no training seems to improve it - any time he's off-lead, they're keeping a very close eye and will put him back on lead immediately if needs be.

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I want to get a dog but I have to work, how does everyone on broadway market do it ?

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